Monday, January 9, 2017

Rudhmelloween - A Tim Burton Movie!

Strange things have happened, strange feelings have been felt, this weekend was crazy for it and although I'm up and already at work I feel like it was just a case of going through the motions - I'm an outsider looking in, perhaps Rudh has taken control and is watching the RL me stumble around without the grace, elegance and fashion sense that I can only possess in the SL world?
Sorry if I sound weird and kinda depressing, I'm not entirely with it at the moment... Home sick for the UK, a strange feeling of an old ailment coming back and more than a little frustration with my working life aren't a good mix for a happy me.
I'm actually wondering if I could just disappear, find myself in another world - even SL seems like too much for me at the moment - maybe I could star in a movie? A Disney or some other kind of fairytale... OOOOH A TIM BURTON!
Rudhmelloween - the story of one weird little dead doll and her quest to make Halloween last all year! A story in which our little dead doll finds herself lost and without a smile, until she finds herself in a kookie world inhabited by some weird and wonderful creatures that enjoy nothing more than macabre rainbows!
Really sounds like something from a Burton Movie, and I guess that doesn't help my imagination when I was enjoying taking pictures in one of the photo sets at WHOLE WHEAT!
I am going to try to distract myself from my current melancholy mood for a moment to tell you about this amazing outfit that I pulled together and fell in love with. It's nothing new, made up of parts that I recently re-discovered in my hoard and that I'm sure you have seen before, but it's the combination that makes me so happy... Some Asteria "Lisa" Pants with a slit that runs from foot to thigh on each leg, and an underboob "Chambers" top from Razor prove to be the simple outfit components, but then with the addition of these adorable Reign "Coven Myrtle" glasses and this long wig from Wasabi Pills the look seems to come together as if it's made to be worn together. One little addition in the form of a Leather Collar - from Kibitz - embellished with my usual title of Psycho, and I was a happy dead doll... Well as happy as a dead doll could be I suppose!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Tsuki Mesh Hair in Reds
Glasses: REIGN - Coven Myrtle Glasses
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Collar: Kibitz - Leather Collar in Psycho
Top: Razor - Chambers Shirt in Black
Pants: Asteria - Lisa Slit Pants in Black
Pose: Signature Pose - Need Attention, Pose Set 19

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