Thursday, January 19, 2017

Anyone want a new house pet?

WOOOHOOOOOO I love Thursdays!!! My favourite day of the week I think, especially now that my work schedule has changed - yes I do have to work but I don't need to go to the office - in essence it's like my weekend starts NOW! 
So I'm in a good mood today, something fun and silly is needed - although it's not very PG I have to say LOL... I've been feeling so down in the dumps lately what with RL and things going on in my SL too, that I felt somewhat lost and abandoned, but I've had time to re-evaluate things and now it's time to make a few changes... 
Anyone want a new pet? It's house trained!!
This poor abandoned little pet is looking for a new master, she was found dumped in a cardboard box outside an abandoned cottage... Aside from the label on the front, the only other markings on the box are the makers name - Violetility at ROMP - but it looks like she comes complete with her own leash, bowl and other accessories! Dressed in some very pretty Paramour Lingerie, by Dead Dollz, this kitten has class and a bell all of her own - from PSYCHO.Byts, she's sleek, well groomed and would make a wonderful house pet for the most kinky of home owners! 
So if you're a master and want a free - but expensive to care for - pet, then call the Animal Shelter at ROMP... 
Just a word to the wise though, this kitten has claws and a brattish attitude, and she's not afraid to use them LOL... Rumour has it that she's part Gator! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: #Foxy - Cattitude Hair in Reds (Available until January 28th at Hentai Fair
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Collar: PSYCHO.Byts - Bell Choker in Vive 
Lingerie: Dead Dollz - Paramour Lingerie Set in Black (Available until January 30th at The Liason Collaborative
Pose & Prop: Violetility - Pet Box (Available until January 30th at ROMP

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