Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Snow in January - Second Life Calendar 2017

While I was perusing through Flickr yesterday, I found a challenge that appealed to me, and well I've been looking for a good challenge for a while so I thought YAY!!! 
This is a Calendar Challenge... Now I'm not sure if we're supposed to create a picture every month for a year, BUT that's what I'm planning to do with it hehe. Lead by hostess Romyka Mars, the challenge is a Flickr group called "Second Life Calendar 2017 (Challenge), and all you need to do is share your calendar pictures to this group... To create the Calendars, Romyka has given us a link for a Photofunia Website, and it's really easy to do! All you need to do is take a pretty picture, load it up into the calendar then BOOM YAY! 
Sounds simple, sounds fun right?!
January is always one of those cold wintery months when the festive glow of Christmas is over and the dawn of a new year starts. Resolutions are made and broken, and the weather is still at the right temperature that snuggling under blankets and vegging on the sofa is a requirement not a sign of laziness! 
Let's have some fun facts about January, shall we? 
Named by the Romans for Janus - the God of Gateways - who could look in two different directions - the old year and the new year - because he had two heads, January is actually a month that seems pretty unlucky. It's a month when more couples separate or divorce than any other month of the year! With a garnet birthstone and the flower of the month being the carnation, this is also the shoppers paradise month as the January Sales take place in many countries of the world!
Now let's talk about this month's calendar picture, I've decided to share a larger version of the picture that I used so you can see things a bit more clearly!
This is one of those cute outfits that is again, a bit impractical in the snow, but hey who gets cold in SL lol... I love these Distorted Boyfriend Jeans from villena - available until January 10th at the latest of Kustom9 - and they go so well with the adorable sweater from Vinyl, not forgetting this Beenie and huge hair combination from Besom
It may still be cold outside, but at least that gives SL addicts like myself a reason to stay in doors where it's warm hehe!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Besom - Madison in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: Vinyl - Daya Sweater in Grey 
Pants: villena - Distorted Boyfriend Jeans in Blue (Available until January 10th at Kustom9)
Pose: Image Essentials - It's Cold Outside 1

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