Thursday, September 1, 2016

She's a Lady...

I'm hiding in a dreamlike state, but I'm not sure if that is just because I'm tired OR because I feel like being a bit of a dreamer... So much has been happening and I have lots to play with, things I've bought and things I've been given, but I just haven't had the mojo to blog anything for the last few days...
Blogging and taking the pictures to blog has always been an escape, a happy place, yet I just cannot seem to get my head in the game. It's silly though, and I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off and kick my own butt a little to make myself do it - I know it's best for me right now, a little escape to play with my hoard, and I do have some VERY cute things to share with you! 
This is one of those very cute looks that I put together and I thought "why not share it with you, it's what I've always done so get off your lazy butt and do it"... My pep talk LOL, works to a point and you have to keep reminding yourself of it... 
As soon as I saw the outfit, by Moon Elixir at the latest and soon to close round of Whimsical, I NEEDED to have it. There was one issue and it was kinda silly because I had NO IDEA what colour I wanted and what combination I had to own - in the end I went with something classic and simple, black on white! Wouldn't it be so much easier if everything was black and white! 
To complete the look I needed something a little quirky - and found the perfect accessory in the form of this huge white hat in the Magika Hair Darkness Falls, which gave me that feeling of being a lady... The perfect location for my picture came to mind, The Outer Garden, if you don't know it you should check it out then perhaps you will realise why. 
Working on this has made things seem to be a little easier, I hope that perhaps maybe I will be able to do more... I need to do more... I just wish everything was so simple in black and white! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Darkness Falls in 02 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Outfit: Moon Elixir - Wicked (Items Sold Seperately) (Available until September 8th at Whimsical
Boots: #EMPIRE - Freesia 
Pose: Signature Pose - Not this time 

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