Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shooting the Messenger

Everyone always seems so keen on shooting the messenger... Over the past few days I've noticed that it always seems really easy for someone to get mad at you when venting their frustrations, even though you may not be the root cause and may in fact be the one trying to help them. It's something I've noticed more and more with the job that I now have in Secondlife - I always feel so bad for the people that I am here to assist, especially as most of them have no knowledge of a virtual reality like Secondlife. Still, I have definitely learnt a little more about how to diffuse a situation and turn those frustrated people into happy campers... 
Rudh on the other hand is a cause of trouble LOL... Least she is today... Today she's been caught shooting, someone else moved in on her patch hehe... 
Not her MC Patch - no one touches that - but her patch that she works in... All hookers have their patch right?! The place they like to go to scout for business! Rudh's patch of choice is at Dead End City, the perfect place for a hooker to watch the cars drive by... Someone was in her patch this morning... Someone is no longer an issue... The police are an issue! I need to find somewhere to stash my gun! 
The dress she chose to wear today is one from Elegance Boutique - I loved it because of the asymmetrical shape and the strapping. It can be dressed up or down due to the fabric textures used and it's a great dress, if you don't mind showing off your knickers! OR you could be daring like Rudh and go pantie free?! 
Talking of things being free though, hold my gun and I am running free LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: DeLa - Emily in Reds (Available until September 23rd at Uber
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Tattoo: Identity - Deep Within 
Collar: Kibitz - Collar Collection Gacha Item in Elsa Collar 
Dress: Elegance Boutique - Amara Dress in Black 
Bracelets: RealEvil Industries - Surya Rings Collection RARE 
Gun: Zenith - Secret Agent Gacha Item in Gun Black 
Boots: #EMPIRE - Freesia 
Pose: Image Essentials - Expressive 15 (Available until September 30th at Designer Showcase

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