Monday, September 26, 2016

Finding Peace

Yesterday was a sad day in our RL home... HellBone and I lost one of our awesome sauce pets, our little Chicken - Bontje - passed away, we think most likely due to old age but the tough old bird fought till the end really trying not to let it beat her. She was the leader of our little chicken pack - we used to jokingly say she was more of a rotweiler than a chicken - and this morning was strange not being able to hear her talking away as the sun was coming up.
Still at the end, all day yesterday, it felt like she was trying, struggling, and although I hope not, suffering... Today I hope that she is at Peace, scrabbling around somewhere lovely with an endless supply of meal worms and sweetcorn, and a soft warm straw bed... It's bringing a tear to my eye just thinking about it... I hope she is at Peace...
A peaceful backdrop was easy to find, I wanted somewhere that I could think and create some positive thoughts in my mind... I found just the right location at my favourite photo spot - WHOLE WHEAT - where they have a mini Peace Garden photospot set up...
I was not fancily dressed, merely comfortable in my Real Worn Out Jeans - from Addams - and my Madori Open Plaid Shirt - from Blueberry - but comfort was key as my emotions are a little tattered right now...
Although I am now at work I am planning on trying to relax and find myself some inner peace... As much as feelings hurt things will heal and right now I'm just happy to think she's not suffering anymore!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Opal in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Tattoo: Identity - Deep Within
Shirt: Blueberry - Madori Open Shirts in Plaid 4 (Available until October 6th at Collabor88)
Bracelets: RealEvil Industries - Surya Rings Collection RARE
Pants: Addams - Real Worn Out Jeans in White
Pose: Signature Pose - Portrait Pose 7

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