Monday, September 19, 2016

Time for an Adventure!

I was stuck at home all weekend this weekend! Not that that is ever a bad thing but it meant that I was able to be a bit of a busy bee when it came to things like getting some pictures taken and edited... I still maintain the fact that being a blogger, one of the worst things you need to do is make lists with urls of all the locations where you got things! There must be a simple way of doing it?!
I edited so many pictures that I have way too much choice and had to play 'eenie meanie miney mo' when it came to choosing what I would share this morning... THIS was the winner, this was the mo!
My MC Sister Lil recently made over her land again, going for a farmy feel, so we jumped into a car and went exploring!
The car that we are using is actually a pose prop from Come Soon Poses... It's one of those items for the newer secret collection style events that has hit the SL scene as of late, this time the men's version known as the "Swag Bag!" Swag Bag is like the Luxebox which I mentioned before. You pay a set price for a secret item from a handful of designers and will not know what it is until you open it. I know a LOT of people that still like the luxebox but I remember being sorely disappointed after all of the hype so I'm not sure I buy into this type of event - but hey cannot please everyone all the time right?!
This pose from the September Swag Bag does please me though... It's the perfect amount of awesome and silly, that works so well with Lil and I! This is the Come Soon Adventure 02 Pose, and it comes complete with the awesome car! It was just Lil, Me and the countryside... OH and her Ferret Pet - from Jian - that stowed away in our adventure car!
I wonder what Lil sees through the spyglass... I wonder why I didn't put black paint on the end of it before I gave it to her to look through lol... I'd have loved to see her with a ring around her eye... Such Comedy LOL...

What are they wearing;
Hair: yumyum - 81 in Red
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Top: Blueberry - Tank Top Group Gift
Hair: Truth - Jill in Gingers
Top: SPIRIT - Neal Tank Top
Pants: GizzA - Emma Bib Overall in Retro Washed
Pet: JIAN - Ferrets in Companion
Pose: Come Soon - Adventure 02 (Available in September's Swag Bag)

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