Thursday, October 8, 2015

What you see in the mirror is Real, SL is just a dream...

When you look in the mirror it cannot lie, no matter how you disguise yourself, that reflection looking back at you will be exactly what is there, nothing more and nothing less... Some times I look into the mirror in RL and think damn what I pictured in my head is different to what I see in reality, but then what we see in SL can in some cases be as far from reality as that mirror image. Sometime's it's like looking into a dream... 
This is the second in the series from Lil, Solde and I to compare the way that the three of us look at different scenes... This time we were to look at an older version of what our avatars and how they would view our younger more beautiful selves... I'll link to their pictures too but this is my view on that theme...
OK so in RL I'm not an old lady, at least not one with wrinkles and the like... I'm 29 - still working on the wrinkles - but I'm not the beautiful barbie-esque figure I have in SL either... Rudh as I've often said is my barbie doll, and so for me this is two different dream-like states! 
The idea of this photo came about with the release of the wrinkles from Izzie's - which you can grab for yourself at the latest round of Uber by the way - and there are so many different ways to layer these up that the old lady in you will be different every time! 
The old lady version of Rudh looks out of the mirror at her former glorious self, yet even she is beautiful. The fact that she is wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe - that I grabbed for 2L from Bellics2 on the Marketplace - doesn't seem to detract from her prettiness... While the barbie version of Rudh that is so often seen in my ramblings, ignores her aged self and carries on grooming, only seeing what she wants to see in the mirror! .
For those of you that are interested in the details, you can grab the Vanity Table and Mirror from what next, and maybe you too would be able to come up with a way of looking at your older selves?!
If you want to check out the looks created by Solde and Lil, I've put the links together here, and if you wanted to share a look with me then I would love to see it... I've already told the other two that we are going to do something a little easier next time, this was way too hard and way too deep for me LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Hearts Like Ours 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07
Wrinkles: Izzie's - Face Wrinkle Tattoos (Available until October 23rd at Uber
Tattoo: Identity - Inner Goddess 
Lingerie: erratic - Delice Lingerie 
Bathrobe: Bellics2 Perfect Mix - Bathrobe Pink 
Pose Prop: {what next} - Isabelle Vanity Table & Mirror 

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