Monday, October 5, 2015

Relaxing in my Blogging Room

Gosh this weekend was a hectic one... Aside from all of the RL stuff that went on, I had so much going on in SL that I barely had time to stop and think, let alone shop! It's shocking I know, but it's true... I mean OK I did some, but not as much as I should LOL... I mean I had to buy a costume for the opening party of the Gator Maze - I will talk about that more later though - but after all that craziness was over, Sunday was a chance for me to kick back and enjoy working in my NEW HOUSE!!!
I am now Rudh of two houses - the UBER CUTE play house, which I may have to feature properly in a post sometime, and the new more grown up but still whimsical tree house! I figured I'd give you a tour - gives me a reason to get it finished...
The first place I am going to show you seems to be a place that I may end up a LOT...
The house that I call my new house is in fact the Dust Bunny Auburn Tree House, which was available in the September round of The Arcade, and comes in two separate but linkable parts. I fell in love with this house as soon as I saw it, but was afraid I'd never be able to call it mine due to the rareness - and therefore high price of it at gacha yardsales! The smaller of the two tree houses is the one that I want to share with you right now... This has become my "Blogger Office", a place I can escape to so that I have peace and quiet to focus on writing here, and ensuring that my pictures are the same level of bonkers they have always been... I can snuggle up in my cosy Consignment Lazy Chair, with a cup of tea and while away the hours!!
But while I'm here in my office, and as I said I'd give you a tour let me share with you some close-ups...
Starting from the top left then working clockwise, shall we?
The Desk was something that had to be perfect... I wanted something large and that I could make a mess on, just like my RL desk, and when I spotted this one from Fancy Decor at a gacha yardsale it was love at first sight, this HAD to be my desk. Then I went to town with throwing things all over it, this will always be a work in progress however, and it may not stay like this for long... The scrap books from Aphrodisiac are one of my favourite items - you can add your own pictures to make it feel very personal, which didn't take me long, I knew just who had to be in it - then I added a Tarte Typewriter, a tres blah Catch All,  an 8f8 Secret Diary, posetcards from Dust Bunny, some hole punches from Second Spaces, an address book from Commoner, and a vintage camera that's also from tres blah... All the accoutrements of a good blogger hehe... With a hint of decoration in the form of the Oolong Teacup Planter from ARIA and the Zaara Block Prints...
The second picture - moving clockwise - is going to be a little easier to talk about as there is a lot less stuff in this one lol... The Inspiration Board is one from the tres blah Workspace collection that I spent hours editing to provide me the inspiration that I would need while working. I then decorated a little with an Apple Fall Dress Form and some Garbaggio Shoe Clutter!  
OOOOH onto a picture with one of my favourite items in the room as we move clockwise... This tres blah Tea Time set, with it's pretty tea tin of flowers and CRUMPETS!!! Love crumpets! The daffodils in the vase are also something special too - you can get these at Apple Fall - but I chose them because they remind me of my RL mum! These things are sitting on a table that Lilian found for me from Apt B, its a Country Living Metal Table that's probably not meant for an office but hey I LOVE it and it fits with my desk huh?!
Lastly, something I couldn't resist hanging up was this Chalkboard Checklist from Plethora. Wouldn't it be great if we had checklists like this for everything? I really could use something like that to help my brain Lol...
Wow, there is a lot of information there LOL... All those little details make a girl crazy, but for me it's the details that make the house feel special. I know a million people in SL have all the same goodies, but sometimes it's the way we put them together that brings out signs of our personalities right? I really enjoyed showing the room off like this, I'll have to do it with the rest of my living spaces hehe... Watch this space!

What is she wearing;
(I have not made a list of all of the items shown in the collage here, but I have mentioned everything in the bulk of the post, so if you are interested in something please read through or ask me in-world)
Hat & Hair: Besom - Roulette (Available until October 27th at FaMESHed)
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07
Top: SPIRIT - Emma Top in Black Gray (Available until October 23rd at Uber)
Shorts: Blueberry - Lana in Faded
Socks & Shoes: Reign - Marlena Plats in White (Available until October 27th at FaMESHed)
Chair: Consignment - Lazy Chair in Red
House: Dust Bunny - Auburn Treehouse

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