Monday, October 26, 2015

Parts for Potions...

The mornings are getting lighter thanks to the change in the hour of the clocks here in Europe. I know that the clocks don't go back until next week in America, so we're actually closer in time together than normal at the moment, but for us here in Holland it's much lighter in the mornings than it has been... The extra hour of sleep was great but it's really thrown me off and having to re-adjust, especially to re-think all my planning for SLT at the moment is making me feel like I'm someone else LOL...
It's thrown my timings off so much that little Witchy me got caught out in the early morning light whilst on the hunt for potion ingredients and she had to make a mad dash to get home in time before the sun came up.
Her home on Deadman's Island has been featured a few times, but there is so much there to explore it's hard not to keep going back.
All the goodies that this little witch has to show off today are from three of the grid's biggest events at the moment... I am crazy for TAG! Gacha and The Fantasy Collective, but one set of items is from the Wayward Halloween Gacha Event too, so I highly recommend all three!
Let's start with TAG, as it's first alphabetically and I don't want to end up tying myself in knots and getting confused LOL... The Hat and Hair is a Doe style for TAG! Gacha, and can be won with or without spider webs! The outfit is one from Pixicat that you will have seen here before in a different colour - green this time - and I have another of the awesome face wounds from antielle for the event on too... If ever I want wounds now days, antielle is always my first stop! I love them, each and every time they release something like this hehe...
I'm wearing two items from this months round of The Fantasy Collective... The AMAZING Deadly Silence Mouth Stitches are from Ama, and are the EXACT things I have been looking for for a while now. I knew as soon as I saw them that I had to have them! There is also a lot of gifts available, stashed into pumpkins at the event this month, and from one of them I pulled this very dainty but gorgeous necklace from Cae!
Lastly I have a smallish, and only a part of, the Zombie Hunter Gacha Collection available from PSYCHO.Byts at the Wayward Gacha Carnival... I harvested a zombie head for putting in potions, and even made myself a pretty necklace of zombie ears whilst I had a massage from some helping hands hehe...
Now what other body parts did I need for this spell?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Doe - Grand High Witch in Gingers (Available until October 30th for TAG! Gacha)
Skin: Glam Affair - Sia Ghost in Polar
Bruises: antielle - HsotD in Haunted (Available until October 30th for TAG! Gacha)
Mouth Stitches: Ama - Deadly Silence (Available until November 15th at The Fantasy Collective)
Necklace: Cae - Bleed Necklace (GIFT Available until November 15th at The Fantasy Collective)
Outfit: Pixicat - All-Seeing in N2 Green (Available until October 31st for TAG Gacha)
Zombie Accessories (including Eyes, Necklace, Hands & Bucket): .{PSYCHO:Byts} - Zombie Hunter Gacha Items (Available until October 31st at Wayward Halloween Gacha Event)
Pose: Signature Pose - Hikaru 5

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