Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I need to add WHAT?

Feels good being able to get back into the swing of normality after my Dad came to visit in RL... Now it's back to my regularly scheduled programming of sitting in the office - with not a lot to do besides talking to you and shopping on Ebay!
Talking of shopping, you go away for a weekend and DAMN you have a lot of Shopping in SL to catch up on. Not that I am complaining but there seems to be so many events going on that this poor little Dead girl has to have HellBone keep tabs on her spending LOL... It's not fair, this time of year is geared towards looking dead and creepy lol...
I wonder, could I perhaps perfect that art of Alchemy?! I have some of those old spell books left by ancestors in the coffin under the tree?!
These old books make it sound so easy, but I have never been a very good cook and some of the ingredients do not sound very appetising! Things like Eye of Newt and Devil's Toenails LOL...
Luckily I had everything I needed to work on the spell from the old Manual of Cartomancy Occult Books, written on Paper Moon parchment, that were left in those coffins by my ancestors! Sometimes it pays to hold onto all of grannies things! I mean this Soy cabinet was filled with all of those things, all of those Essentials of Witchcraft.
The traditional witchcrafting style is a life forgotten, now days I am a modern witch... I use convenience spells that you can warm up in the microwave and I dress in a way that would make my grannie witch faint... I do love this outfit though... The spiderweb looking parts - the top and the tights - are from [ abrasive ] at this round of Suicide Dollz - just a note here the round will change in 3 days!!! The skirt is an older one from Mesh Head, but once again it is the accessories that I have been playing with most hehe... I have a bracelet from ShiZZo, which you can grab at GEN-Neutral, a Bone Chain Necklace from Neverwish, that can be grabbed after completing the adventure in The Nightmare, and a Ouija Necklace from Poisoned Diamond at Pastel Goth. You know me I love to combine my accessories hehe...
I need this spell to work, I need to get some money together I want to get into Pastel Goth and buy some stuff LOL... Work dammit work!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Doe - Gretchen (Available until October 31st at The Seasons Story)
Skin: Glam Affair - Sia Ghost in Polar
Short Necklace: Neverwish - Bone Chain Necklace (Available until October 30th at The Nightmare)
Long Necklace: (Poisoned Diamond) - Ouija Necklace in Black (Available until October 30th at Pastel Goth Fair 2015)
Top: [ abrasive ] - Widow Crop in Striped (Available until October 23rd at Suicide Dollz)
Bracelet: ShiZZo - Geo Set in Silver (Available until October 26th at GEN-Neutral)
Skirt: Mesh Head - Spiked Skirt in Black
Tights: [ abrasive ] - Widow Tights in Holey (Available until October 23rd at Suicide Dollz)
Boots: Reign - Fiona Boots in Black
Book Table: paper moon - Occult Books in Manual Of Cartomancy
Pose: Signature Pose - Eridanus 4 (Available until October 26th at GEN-Neutral)
Background Decor:
Key: [NO CONCEPT] - Antique Key
Table: Soy - Table with Drawers in Aged Dark Wood
Table Top Decor: Soy - Essentials of Witchcraft
Herbs: Artisan Fantasy - Herbals - Herb Shelf Warm
Bottle: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales in Alice Drink Me
Book: {vespertine} - Poison Case in Mystery Prize RARE

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