Friday, October 16, 2015

Butterflies are Little Miracles

Sometimes our SL Photography art can really reflect life... Today, although totally unintentionally, this picture is a bit of an insight into my RL situation, nothing family related or anything nice but I'm referring to my working life here... As it stands there will be NO miracles in my workplace. The company I work for seems to be a ticking time bomb, slowly prepping itself for an implosion... None of the management know what they are doing and my team leader... Well let's just say that perhaps a sponge could do things better! I am in a serious ranting mood, and am at the point of being able to write a book called "The Reasons my Boss is More Useless than a Fridge without Electricity" - least when a Fridge has no power you can plug it in or it will keep things cool if you don't open the door until you can find power!
So yes, the sign in the Misfit Ghetto really does reflect on my worklife at the moment, and yes the chaos surrounding that sign could in fact be my workplace... Perhaps the dog is my boss too - bit useless as a guard dog as it doesn't move, just like my boss is a bit useless as a team leader because he cannot remember his own working guidelines, he's the man that once told my my computer was running slow because - and I quote - it was "thick"!
The outfit is one that I have worn on and off since I bought it a while ago and haven't really thought about blogging until now... Many of the events where these pieces were bought have since changed their line-ups but I am sure you can find these things at the mainstores!
I bought the Oversized Cropped Sweatshirt from Cameo 6ixx at a past round of Kustom9, along with the laced up Alexandra boots from N-Core. The rest of my outfit was just something I pulled together from my hoard...
Yet it is the pose in this case that seems most significant to me... This Signature Pose called Rosalie that comes with the pretty little butterfly pose props. Butterflies have always been a symbol of hope - not just for me but for many people - so I am hoping that in all this gloom there will be a glimmer of light, I'm hoping that can be as true for RL as it can in SL...
Butterflies be my little miracles and bring me something awesome luckwise?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Yuki
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07
Wounds: antielle - The Alchemical Transformation
Choker: Quirky - Zipper Choker in Onyx
Top: Cameo 6ixx - Oversized Cropped Sweatshirt in Cowabunga
Skirt: Mesh Head - Spiked Skirt
Boots: N-Core - ALEXANDRA in Black
Pose & Prop: Signature Pose - Rosalie 2

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