Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gator smells and Goodies Galore!

As you may well know, the Gators MC Halloween Maze is open... We´re very excited to have been included in the Destination Guide with it too... Can you believe it? Our little MCs Event in the guide?!
While we are on the topic of the Maze I wanted to take a little bit of time out to share with you a couple of the awesome goodies that you can find inside... We have some amazing treats including bloody nails from KOSH, and a Soda Gas Tank from Consignment, but right now I am going to show you some of the wearable items that you can grab for yourself... OH and give you a hint about one of the locations in the maze too hehe...
This room was designed and created by Kris, Hell was not to blame for this one though many wouldn't believe me... Kris is one of the DoodieMen, along with Hell and Mongo, so now you know that you may believe me that this wasn't Hell's room LOL...
One of the hunt prizes is totally perfect for this nightmare scenario though. There is a pumpkin, which has been hidden by Naenia Demina of ImmateriA, that contains this amazing Gas Mask. Something which will no doubt be worn by a lot of the girls in the MC when the boys are around, even though the mask is unisex and could be worn by anyone, it seems to be us that have the most issues dealing with the smells hehe...
Another prize in the maze, is this cute jacket and shirt combo from The Untitled. This set comes in male and female sizes, and it's a nod to the Halloween season... Perhaps if you're feeling lazy you can tell people you're a black pumpkin with a candle inside or something?!
Don't miss out on these prizes and MORE at the Halloween Maze of the Gators MC... AND If you're really lucky you might get to meet yours truly!!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Hearts Like Ours
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07
Wounds: antielle - The Alchemical Transformation
Gas Mask: ImmateriA - Soft Rains Gas Mask (Available until November 3rd at The Gators MC Halloween Maze)
Collar: The Horror! - Minimalist Collar in Silver (Available until October 16 at ROMP)
Jacket & Top: The Untitled - Ladies Halloween Jacket (Available until November 3rd at The Gators MC Halloween Maze)
Pants: EMPORIUM - Jegging Pack 1 in Skulls
Pose: Image Essentials - Sheer Class 3

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