Friday, October 30, 2015

Bittersweet sounds of an Apocalyptica Cello

This time last week I was super excited... Fast forward a week later and I'm in love with Viking Cellists, so please Santa if you're reading this I have been a VERY good girl this year - or at least I will be from now on until your big day - can I pleaseeeeeeee have a Viking Cellist under the Christmas tree this year??! LOL - I know, I'm crazy but it can't hurt to try right?! LOL...
OK let me elaborate on my crazy ramblings. I went to see a band called Apocalyptica - they are a metal band that plays cellos, sounds weird but trust me it's damn good! - and not only is the music beautiful but the band themselves, well let's just say they aren't too shabby either - just in case Hell is reading LOL! One of their songs is called Bittersweet - it was originally recorded using the vocals of Ville Valo of HIM  - but the classical version brings me out in goosebumps, it's ghostly...
Whilst I was out shopping this week, you will never guess what I found... YES! A CELLO POSE!
It's almost like the creator of Come Soon Poses knew exactly what I wanted LOL... This Melody Pose was created by Come Soon for the latest round of Suicide Dollz, and as soon as I saw it I knew that I would be be doing something in homage to the Viking Cellists this week! The full scene is awesome for the low price that you pay for these pose sets, but I will admit that I added a few things. The Skull and the vase of flowers, complete with their spidery inhabitants, was an addition that I made thanks to the GizzA Gacha at the latest round of Lost & Found... OH and then there was the ghosts that snuck in and started dancing around as I played along with Apocalyptica's Bittersweet Song - these Ghosts are available from Nantra, just a little F.Y.I there!
I wanted to make my body look equally as sad as the scene surrounding me, the result can be seen in a close-up below but I think the resulting close-up photo will be my new profile photo too LOL... I love this picture quite a lot LOL...
Can you see why? Her sad eyes almost seem real! This has to be one of my favourite pictures I've taken of Rudh in a LONG time! It's a lot of layers of make-up, and I am so glad that we can use 5 different layers - especially now that I'm wearing a mesh body and therefore can use all my tattoo layers on my face hehe... I've used a lot of tattoos from antielle to build up this look... The HSotD Mystery Salt & Ice Wound created the base, then I added some Smeared Makeup which gave me that mascara tears and ruined lipstick look, before slicing my mouth open just a little with the Kuchisake Onna wound... OH I might have done it just a little too much so I stitched my mouth shut after all that with some Ama Deadly Silence Stitches! Dressing it only with some simple piercings and a noose from Remarkable Oblivion...
My sons reaction was "What have you done to yourself?" Does it make me look a little too twisted perhaps?! LOL...
To finish, seeing as this post is about them, I will share with you a video of the Viking Cellists that I want for Christmas! This is one of my favourite pieces by them... The version without lyrics of Bittersweet by Apocalyptica!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Strange and Unusual (Available until November 6th at Collabor88)
Skin: Glam Affair - Sia Ghost in Polar
Eyes: 7mad;Ravens - iBurnout in Black
Scars: antielle - HSotD MYSTERY Salt & Ice (Available until October 31st for TAG! Gacha Event)
Eye Piercing: Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercing
Make-Up: antielle - Smeared Makeup in Crimson
Mouth Scar: antielle - Kuchisake Onna
Mouth Stitches: Ama - Deadly Silence (Available until November 15th at The Fantasy Collective)
Piercing: Datum - Delicious in Silver
Noose: Remarkable Oblivion - Salem in Wheat
Pose: Come Soon - Melody Full Scene (Available until November 6th at Suicide Dollz)
Skull: GizzA - Halloween Decor in Skull (Available until Lost & Found)
Flowers: GizzA - Halloween Decor in Rose Vase (Available until Lost & Found)
Ghost Dancers: {NANTRA} - Ghosts

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