Friday, October 9, 2015

Storybrooke Hippy Cloud Express

Yesterday's post was a tough one... Both the photo and the story that I wrote with it were deep and meaningful and almost at the point of being too much soul searching for me right now, so today I thought - and I hope you don't mind - if I share with you something a little lighter and perhaps easier!
I've discovered a place so pretty and straight out of my fantasy, adorable mind - that part of it anyhow - that I simply couldn't help myself getting all cute and girlie and doing a little exploring... Luckily someone left a bicycle just laying around, and at StoryBrooke Gardens it seems these bicycles come with balloons!!
The Bicycles and Balloons are something that I have to admit I don't own, though there is a very definite possiblity that I might in the near future LOL... They come from the store vespertine, and the bicycle at least is called the Cloud Express!!
The outfit though, that's all mine lol, and I am damn happy with this outfit too! However, I will admit that I wouldn't normally have chosen this outfit as parts!
I found these pants at an event called Trés Chic - which has now closed but I am hoping you can find these pants at the main store - from a store called amiable. They are frilly and loose, and they only come down to just below the knee. A length that I would never normally choose that, I mean OK I would if it was a pencil skirt but normally I'm either a short short or a full length kinda girl ya know?! I bought this colour without thinking and then whilst trying to find a something to wear with it, I stumbled upon a group gift that had been stashed away in my hoard. The Moon Amore Hippie Crop Top was PERFECT to wear with these pants, and the colours worked so well together...
It was a case of all I needed to do now was sit back on the bicycle and chillax!!  

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Hailey
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07
Top: Moon Amore - Crop Top Shirt in Hippie (Group Gift)
Pants: {amiable} - Frilled Loose Wide Pants
Bicycle: {vespertine} - Dreamers Vehicle in Cloud Express RARE
Balloons: {vespertine} - Skyballoons

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