Friday, August 18, 2017

Not So Glory Hole

Today something a little different, a little kinky but a lot funny!! I was out at the kinky event called ROMP and was looking for something interesting to play with, something new that I'd never thought of before and not only did I find myself some new toys, I found a new store that will no doubt become an addiction because if these items are anything to go by they will make Rudh a VERY Happy little shoppaholic!!! 
Poor Otis, being ridiculed in a "Not so Glory Hole", but it's a release from a store that I've fallen for and will no doubt be blogging a lot more in future... A store called Fapple! Even the name sounds awesome! Fapple! It's a store filled with amazing Femdom toys, lots of stuff for naughty girls like me to take control for a change and I know that I can't wait to have some fun with these toys. 
I tested a couple out that I snatched up at ROMP this week - as you can see the Not So Glory Hole was put to the test with poor Otis being made to take one for the team... I LOVE that there are various different textures, including the one shown here that just makes me laugh, especially when you see it with the AMAZEBALLS attachment that a Mistress - or Master - can add... LOL it was hard to choose, I was spoilt for choice, there are sock puppets, ribbons, and even a HotDog, but this magnifying glass version won, it made me laugh so hard! While on the subject of Fapple at Romp too, don't miss the piggies... The Bank Control comes in three versions for tips, rent and as decor, and seriously nothing could be more apt for me than a piggy bank in bondage gear the amount I abuse my piggy bank LOL... Seeeeeeee Such cute things, and nothing is too expensive it seems either! Worth checking them out!!! 
I may keep this little corner of my house decorated like this, never know when a naughty boy needs a bit of ridicule, but the Fapple props, alongside this adorable "Hello Slut" Sign from Ama - available at ROMP - and the even more adorable 3D Lips Decor from katat0nik - which you can pick up at Blush until August 28th - it looks so cute, no?! 

What is in the Photo;
Glory Hole: Fapple - The not so glory hole (Available until August 25th at ROMP
Handcuffs: Handcuffs open (No Longer Available!)
Neon Light: Ama. - Hello Slut Neon (Available until August 25th at ROMP
Wall Decor: katat0nik - 3D Lips Decor (Available until August 28th at Blush
Wall Mount: [Krescendo] - Sex Museum Gacha Item in 10 (Available until August 25th at Fetish Fair
Toys: The Horror! - Candy Collection in Licorice 
Cupboard: .peaches. - The Stars That Laugh Gacha Item in 11. Side Table Dark 
Pig: Fapple - Bank Control Deco (Available until August 25th at ROMP

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mystical Lunar

Recently I was asked to help with creating some promotional photos for an upcoming event, and I've been finding it SO difficult to get my head into the zone... Though I did some exploration and have found the PERFECT location to set the mood for the photos, all I need to do is go out there and get snapping!!! I was a good little Rudhie, going out scouting locations, and even making a few test shots... Shots like the picture I've decided to share with you today because well, even though it's a test I really like it!!! 
Let's call it a look of the day just to make it easier, but I am soooooo happy with this location, Rudh is positively dancing with glee... It's a location I've been to many times before but it's had a bit of a make-over and I'd definitely encourage you to check out the Mystical Fae Forest again! 
To be honest this look could have been one of the ones that I offered up to the event organisers, but let's just say it's something to set the tone for what I'm cooking up and whisper that "The Season of the Witch" is coming!! 
Now onto the look of the day bit, I was playing around with the outfit anyway, it's cute but actually it is the props that give it more of a witchy feel I think. This gorgeous Lunar Halo Set from Nightmare and this adorable Lunar Hanging from Ama, which are still available at The Coven until August 24th from Nightmare, look like props that were dreamt up together. I LOVE the Halo, which comes in 8 different colours AND has a rotating version - that you obviously cannot see here but trust me it's awesome. The Lunar Hanging is actually wall decoration as you may be able to tell by the placement in the hands, BUT it looked kinda cute as an accessory with the right pose and that was where Image Essentials and the Batter Up Pose Series came in handy - just forget the bat and voilá it looks fairly ok!! Gotta love poses like this where you can use them with or without the props!! 
Again, Voilá a look of the day, and now I cannot wait to see what these pictures for the event will be!!! So excited!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Feelings in Hud 02 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Halo: Nightmare - Lunar Halo Set (Available until August 24th at The Coven
Top: COCO - Bishop Sleeve Top in Black (Available until August 31st at FaMESHed
Shorts: MUKA - Iggy 
Pose: Image Essentials - Batter Up 1 
Prop: Ama - Lunar Hanging (Available until August 24th at The Coven)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blinded but Eye See

Been feeling a little bit strange lately, but I guess at the moment it's kinda a on going thing with me to feel like this. Not going into any specifics but I'm not feeling like my bubbly effervescent self at the moment either. Thinking too much and drawing back into my own personal little world, full of weird and wonderful characters, I just want to hide and never come out!!! 
While I'm hiding in my own little world though maybe I'll get on with something productive as I have lots of pretty, but kinda weird, pictures that these characters in my head are creating... 
Today I'm in full on hide mode though, and even the light is blinding me... I guess it doesn't help that I feel so scarred but also maybe that I have an extra eye hehe... 
This picture was meant initially to be about the jewellery but as per usual with me it became something else entirely, though I will take a few moments just to say LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE RINGS... These Eye See Everything Rings are a release from Ama at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair which closes it's doors on August 21st - don't worry you still have time to get them... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Margarita in Redheads (Available until August 23rd at UBER
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: CUREMORE - Scar Tissue Gacha Items in Allergic Eyes 
Wound: CURELESS - Curse of Cain 
Lip Blood: Izzie's - Bloody Tears & Lips 
Rings: Ama - Eye See Everything Rings (Available until August 21st at The Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Pose: Image Essentials - Feminine Touch 6 

Pandora's Box is coming and it's CYBER PUNK!!

Pandoras Box is on going, I've heard this week that some of the other loot boxes may be coming to a close, but never fear Pandora's Box is here and staying... It's even time to talk about the theme for this month, exciting right?! 
This month Pandora's Box is all about Cyber Punk... Now I feel a little more on comfortable ground with this month, after last month's Japanese theme, and I admit that I'm pretty excited!! 
Such an awesome list of designers once again, and it appears that there are a few new stores in the mix... Nightmare is amongst them, and you may have realised by now that I LOVE Nightmare stuff, so more than a little excited, I cannot wait till the 22nd!!! 
For those of you that don't know about Cyber Punk, basically it's  categorized as a sub-genre of Sci-Fi, or so I'm told, with a focus on high-tech often with a post-apocalyptic flair. Respirators and goggles are things of normality, and it's usually fairly industrial in style... I CANNOT WAIT!!!!
So how does Pandora's Box work? To get your hands on a Pandora's Box loot box, you pay a set amount of money - in the case of the Pandora's Box the initial amount is 1500L - to a Kiosk and will be added to the list that will receive a box. Then on the 22nd of the month, if you've paid the kiosk in time, you will be sent your very own Pandora's Box filled with goodies from 10 different designers - that you can see listed in the picture above - and that's where the chance comes into play, because there's a chance you won't like things inside, but there's also a chance that you will LOVE everything in the box... Risk is, you won't know what you're getting till you get the box!!!!! Isn't it exciting?!
HOWEVER, if you decide you want to wait until things start being shown off by bloggers and designers alike, then you're able to do so... After the box is released on the 22nd of the month, the group will remain open - although the cost to join will increase to 2500L - and you will be able to get all the goodies inside! If this is your plan though you will need to hurry! On the 30th of each month, the group will be cleared and the whole process will start again for the coming month!! 
Sounds simple right? If you have more questions then you may want to check out the Pandora's Box Website, and then head on down to the Pandora's Box HQ or one of the sponsoring stores to subscribe at the Pandora's Box Subscriber!!!
I'm really excited to see where this alternative loot box will take us and cannot wait to see the surprises inside!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pretty Kitty Criminal Catcher

I am such a huge fan of dress up, I LOVE creating characters for myself as I'm sure you may have noticed... Normally I'm affected by outfits or by events that I need to find creations for but sometimes it's things that I'm sent which create amazing ideas in my mind... This doesn't happen often but when a photo prop sparks my imagination I tend to run wild with it...
It happened in the case of the picture that I am about to share with you today, I LOVE it and I don't think Otis minded that he was pinned to the car when he was caught robbing the bank!
Rudh felt like the only way to catch the criminal was to slip into catwoman mode... 
It started because of a prop that was a Bish Box release from Come Soon a few rounds ago, and yes I'm very late posting a picture of it, but the prop and pose is available in the Come Soon store so you can still get your hands on it. 
Then all it takes is the perfect outfit and it's dangerous!

What are they wearing;
Hair: [monso] - Twobi in Pop 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Bodysuit, Stockings & Boots: REIGN - Glam Claws Collection 
Garter: [Since1975] - Garter's Gacha Item in SilverGun RARE 
Jacket & Sweater: UnitedColors - Hodie Street Men in Blue 
Pants: [Deadwool] - Broberry Jeans in Washed Peacock 
Shoes: AKEYO - Chuck-HiTops 
Props & Poses:
Background & Pose: COME SOON - Bad Kitty 
Bag: yoyo9 - Danchu Money Bag in Dollar 
Gun: Zenith - Secret Agent Gun in Black 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Angels of Dreams

It's almost time for bed in Holland and that mean's it's nearly time to slip into dreamland. 
Today in dreamland, there are angels amongst the clouds, and puppies too!!! I hope that it's a nice dream with angels and puppies, but who knows, I mean Rudh has always been a bit of a naughty Angel... 
These adorable angel puppies are in fact the Flutterpups from Lassitude & Ennui, which are available until August 31st at The Gacha Garden. They come in a collection of different colours including some really pretty fairy styles but I really loved the natural looking ones... 
Floating on a dream cloud - a pose from Image Essentials by the way - these little angels are going to help me sleep but I worry about what happens when the doggies need to pee!

What is she wearing;
Halo: random.Matter - Deucalion Halo in Silver 
Hair: Magika - Feelings in 02
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Wings: Blueberry - Oakley Red Wings 
Dress: Kaithleen's - Crissy Dress in Silver (Available until August 15th at Shiny Shabby
Pose & Prop: Image Essentials - Floating Dreams 
Dogs: lassitude & ennui - Flutterpups Gacha Items (Available until August 31st at The Gacha Garden

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Zombie Suicide Shoes!

I tend to be a little unsure about applying to join blogging teams as I'm always afraid of rejection. I'm not the world's most sought after blogger, and I seem to get only a few hits on Flickr but occasionally when I see an ad for bloggers get listed I cannot resist because it's a store I love... Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not, yet today I would like everyone to join hands and happy dance with me because I AM SO EXCITED... I have been given the chance to blog for ZOMBIE SUICIDE
If you've not heard of the store perhaps you're living under a rock?! Zombie Suicide is everywhere, and it's creator Isis Zamin, has proved time and again that she has skills in creating pretty and somewhat alternative goodies for girls that love that kinda thing... Girls just like ME!!! 
The first of many, many, many things that I will be sharing with you from Zombie Suicide is this amazing pair of heels! 
The Sari Heels are available until August 15th at the current round of anyBody. For the low price of 250L, you get not one but 12 different strap colours and star colours, making them awesome shoes to mix-n-match with any outfit colour choice. You know me and being able to mix-n-match, it's a great reason that will get me to buy something so I have to say these shoes were top of my list of things to share with you. 
I have so much good stuff to share with you in mind from this awesome store, so keep your eyes peeled, and you know me I cannot get enough of the rainbow cute dead girl style... I'm sooooooo Excited!!!!!!

What is she wearing;
Shoes: Zombie Suicide - Sari Heels (Available until August 15th at anyBody
Pose: Come Soon - Rollers Age