Monday, July 11, 2016

The Dino Riding Gator!

Let's start this week off as we mean to go on, with something crazy, random and suiting the way that my brain seems to be working at the moment...
I'm back in the office after a lovely week of working at home - a wonderful week away from the depressing drudgery that is the office building I work in currently - and already it feels like the happy is being drained from me. Hence a need to do something random that will make me smile... Something like it was straight out of a crazy dream... Something like riding a dinosaur, perhaps?!
LOL Only in SL right?! To see a girl dressed like some kind of fantasy being, riding on the back of a T-Rex is just, well, Secondlife... It's as much a weird part of SL as someone saying "I've lost my ears!" BUT in Rudhland, it's true and it happens!!!
My pet Dinosaur is not new but actually he's still kinda fresh out of his packaging... I'd said last week that I was working on Inventory, well I still had a folder of unopened items from past Gacha Events!!! He's a Dino Buddy - the rare Sharp Tooth to be exact - from JIAN and part of a collection of 5 different Dino types each in various colours... I have a full set of these awesome pets, and since I rediscovered them I've been storming all over the Gator Swamp riding my dinosaurs!
Of course, every dino rider needs a prehistoric fantasy outfit too... Rudh is the epitome of cool looking cave girl today hehe... A dress that is actually a GIFT from Vitrimi, made of leaves teamed perfectly with some leafy vines for her arms and legs, as well as the Rare Paradise Collar from Remarkable Oblivion. The Skull headdress that marks Rudh out as a leader of her tribe of Dino Riders is an accessory that comes attached to the Arwen hair from Truth, and it ties the whole outfit together perfectly!!
I went from being a Gator to being a Dino Rider over night LOL - I'm still a Gator but hey these members of the Gator family have bigger teeth than my own MC brothers and sisters... So question is, are you going to join us or become dinner for my pets? Heheh

What is she wearing;
Skull & Hair: Truth - Arwen in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Bloody Lip: Ghost'Ink - Be Bloody in Outcast Make-Up
Necklace: Remarkable Oblivion - Adventure Island Gacha Item in Paradise Collar RARE
Tattoos: *PerveTTe* - Little Things for You
Dress: Vitrimi - Leaf Inspired Dress (GIFT!)
Arm & Leg Jewellery: ((OOC)) - Eden Outfit in Green  
Dinosaur: JIAN - Dino Buddies in Sharp Tooth RARE Green

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