Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chillaxing with my Wheat Friend

Today is just one of those days... I feel like doing NOTHING and even the thought of moving is making my head hurt a little... I don't know why! Perhaps I slept too long, or too deeply or something but waking up seems to be something that I am having real trouble doing LOL... 
Still least that means I can sit back and enjoy Rudh for a while - no distractions today, just chillaxing - and that means plenty of time to catch up on the photography that I have been meaning to get done!! 
Pretty pictures seem to have no trouble flowing out of me today... Maybe I should take pictures when I am tired more often?! It's the making lists of what I'm wearing part that is causing my brain to fry lol... 
This is one of those pretty pictures that I've been able to take... I really love this picture! It's simple and pretty, and the outfit is girlie and cute while still being a subtle amount of sexy... 
It's a pull together of a variety of things - shoes from Essenz, jeans from Blueberry, and a very cute top from Petite Mort. It was the top in fact that inspired this outfit to come together so nicely. 
The top is part of an outfit collection from Petite Mort, which you can still get your hands on at the Ferosh event until July 22nd - within the collection you will find these awesome Chiffon Halter Tops as well as Leather Jackets and Jeans! There are so many pieces in various colours and designs to mix and match!!! Let's face it, we all love mix and match sets, the pieces that don't only work with one outfit but can be made to fit your own personal style! 
Anyway, if you're needing somewhere quiet to sit and think, take pictures and enjoy yourself, maybe you will want to check out Whole Wheat - yes it's my favourite go to backdrop place - and you never know, you might, like me, make a new friend today!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Dune in Reds (Available until July 23rd at UBER
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Tattoos: *PerveTTe* - Little Things for You 
Top: Petite Mort - Chiffon Halter Top in Cream (Available until July 22nd at Ferosh
Pants: Blueberry - Pizza in Midnight 
Shoes: Essenz - Nairobi in Olive Gray 
Pose: Signature Pose - Thoughts of You, Pose Set 15 

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