Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Air Guitar and a little Na Na Na

It's time to Rock'n'Roll... Back to work again with my second, SL based, job today after a lovely long week of not having to think about working in SL... I'm actually excited, I LOVE my SL based job, it's awesome to be able to combine my hobby and RL money and something I always wanted to have happen! It does mean, however, that today is a 12-hour work day for me but hey I can sleep in tomorrow and plan on doing exactly that... 
I'm excited and happy, let's enjoy today shall we?! Anyone bringing me drama is in for a HUGE ass-whoopin' lol... Time for something a little crazy... 
It's time for some loud music - going to wake Hell up and get into trouble I'm sure but heck it will be worth it - and dancing like no one is watching... Perhaps I'll even throw in a little air guitar?!
The Air Guitar poses were a past event release from Image Essentials and I am hoping they are now available at their main store, but jumping on a bed - not mine, it's one on an 80s set at Whole Wheat - playing an air guitar, who hasn't ever done that?! Really?!
Oh one more quick thing before I leave you with a butt kicking song today, DON'T MISS OUT ON THE WONDERLOST SALE! See my jeans... WONDERLOST!! The sale is 50% off until July 10th so you have 4 days of discounts left... GO CHECK IT OUT PEOPLES!!!
Now a butt kicking song... Hmmmm, what do I feel like rocking out to today?! Something crazy, something a little cheesy perhaps, oh I know... Something super cheesy from my younger days LOL - my bestie was obsessed with this band while we were at uni and this song always makes me smile hehe... Let's rock out in a crazy way to My Chemical Romance and a little "Na Na Na" shall we?

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Nova in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Headphones: Pepper - Headphones Scarf (No Longer Available!)
Top: Moon Amore - Delicias Top in Hippie
Tattoos: *PerveTTe* - Little Things for You
Pants: WONDERLOST - Sara Skinny Jeans in Stone Blue Ripped
Pose: Image Essentials - Air Guitar 1

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