Sunday, July 24, 2016

Off to see the Wizard!

As I hinted last night in my Wine'O'Clock post, this weekend has been one of parties for me - since Thursday LOL - and today I am going to relax... Nothing to do but take things easy and maybe sleep a little more as it seems to have cooled down here a little. 
As I may also have mentioned before we were partying for my MC Sister and awesome friend Solde, who turns old this weekend, we had 5 events for her birthday, and the last was the most awesome... Least I think so anyway... The last party we had a little trip to one of her favourite places... OZ! 
HellBone built a special Oz themed ballroom complete with a tornado, munchkins and of course a yellow brick road, so that Solde could become her favourite movie character for just a little while...
As she walked towards Oz with her little HellBone Toto, she was joined by a fabulous Scarecrow, a glamorous Tin Man (Woman) and a Lion with a lot of RAWR, and we all skipped into Oz together... The ladies of the Gators MC!
These costumes are amazing... The best Oz character costumes that I have seen out there, and trust me I looked through a LOT before I found these. I wanted the boys to be the characters with Solde, but it just wasn't working... The costumes were simply not good enough... Then I found these! They are from Lamu Fashion and not only are they perfect - giving Oz that hint of glamour - they had all four characters and it looks like we belong together! Each outfit comes with everything you could possibly need, besides hair and skins of course, now I will admit that we each personalised things a little but for the price you pay they are great! 

What is she wearing;
(All of the costumes used are from the same store, please see the name and URL in my outfit list. For details about the accessories, hairs or Hell's Avatar ask me!)
Hair: TRUTH - Velma in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Melanie in Asia in 05
Costume: Lamu Fashion - Outfit Costume in The Tin Man, The Wizard of OZ 
Boots: [MODA] - Tessa Knee High Boots 
Pose: Embody Pose - TIGHT KNIT (No Longer Available!)

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