Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrating the Fourth in the 51st State!

As the CEO of the company in Holland that I work for recently announced, "the UK never wanted to fully belong and has, more and more, become the 51st state of America." A not so subtle nod to his views about the recent Brexit - that I may have mentioned before has given me even more of an ostracised feeling at work... 
Today it's actually worked in my favour - I was already feeling crappy with a summertime cold, but hey as it's a holiday in America and as we're a "state" I'm working at home LOL... I'm going to enjoy today... Even though the friendly rivalry is showing through LOL - I've already told my MC brother Kris I blame him entirely for wasting all that good tea, and that we should be the ones who are lucky as our plan to let America think it beat us was really just a great smoke screen for the fact that we were looking for an easy to break-up LOL... 
Of course, I don't mean it in a bad way... It's just a little bit of friendly teasing, and to show I care about my American Friends and Family, I'm going to set up a little party and wear Patriotic Colours... 
Even if they won't understand it, because I spelt Colour properly LOL... 
OK OK I'm done with the making jokes... I don't mean it to seem bad, as I already said I love my American Friends and Family, and feel very lucky to have had SL bring us all together in one place like it has! 
The party is set with lots of yummy foods - mostly from Lost Junction's kitchen - but I had to include something for my British self, so Fish'n'Chips were a must! BUT I did make the effort and wear the most American pants I could find... 
These, as we Brits would call them, "Dungarees" are available from WONDERLOST at the new round of the Suicide Dollz. I love the shape of these pants, and the textures are great - there are more to choose from than just the American version that I am wearing here by the way - PLUS if you haven't heard of WONDERLOST then you should check out their store... EVERYTHING is 50% off until July 10th! I can admit that I'd never heard of the store too, then when I found it I went shopping crazy and am now super excited about their releases... CHECK THEM OUT!!! 
Just one last thing before I leave you alone today... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA!!!

What is she wearing; 
Top: Blueberry - Tank Top, Group Gift 
Pants: WONDERLOST - Alyssa Workit Jeans in America (Available until July 14th at Suicide Dollz
Pose: Signature Pose - The Feels, Pose Set 20 
Table: nefarious.inventions - Drafted Gacha Item in Case Table
Cake: [Lost Junction] - Surfy Snacks Gacha Item in Berry American Cake 
Junk Food: [Lost Junction] - Tasty Eats Gacha Items 
Other Food: BellEquipe - Fish and Chips 
Cooler: The Annex - Tailgate Party Gacha Items in Open Cooler 
Beer: [ keke ] - A Day at the Beach Gacha Items in Beers

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