Monday, January 11, 2016

Rest before a ROMP

Have you ever wanted to truly let yourself go? Embrace something that is different from your normal? Reveal your darker side and let a secret passion take hold?
I'm sure you may have at some point, and I'm sure that you' may have let your wildest imaginings run free in SL. Inhibitions are much less apparent in the virtual world, and sex seems to be abundant - something that can cause unwarrented disaproval from outsiders, I might add. Yet as a personal belief I feel that having a safe environment - I know that there are exceptions to this as there have been cases of cyber stalking and other horrors, but you can log off and block people if you feel uncomfortable within situations... Nothing in SL is beyond your control, Not really!
I've always been - although it took SL to make me aware of it - fairly submissive... I've tried to flip the switch, and act dominant but it never works for me and I end up giggling at myself... The submissive side of me has been squashed away somewhat - HellBone has no interest in control - but every now and then she surfaces... Something awakens her inner cravings...
This time it was ROMP...
ROMP is the best kinky shopping event in SL - I think - and every time it rolls out the submissive side of me jumps for joy... There are so many pretty new things to play with, and so many fun new toys to tease the senses... Shame I have no one to play with though LOL...
Still, this month's event was no different, and OH MY GOSH some of the designers have pulled out all of the stops to make some beautiful things... Things like this Capturado Collection from Artisan Fantasy. The full set includes three different coloured wall mattresses, a toy shelf as well as individual toys on hooks, floor and ceiling mounts and a lattice wall mount all with this amazing scrollwork design... It's simply gorgeous! I fell for the textures and the feminine curls wrought from masculine iron!!
Whilst at ROMP, and as my inner submissive was already on the outside for a while, I had to do a little more shopping hehe... I had a hard time choosing between colours of Dead Dollz lingerie - opting for black as it's easiest and goes with everything - and then treating myself to some Kitten Hair from Spellbound. The one thing missing was the perfect collar for a kitten, but The Horror sorted that problem out for me too!! It was amazing how everything fell together hehe...
The little submissive girl left to wait, rests her eyes tuning her hearing into the sound of her Master's approach... Lit through the grate as the door opens... The fun is about to begin!

What is she wearing;
Hair & Face Accessory: Spellbound - Kitten in Chapter II: Sky (Worn with TRUTH Solace Bangs - Sorry I know it's naughty of me to do that!! Hope I can be forgiven!) (Available until January 22nd at ROMP)
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna Skin in Asia (Available until January 23rd at Uber)
Eyelids: SLINK - Mesh eyelids
Tattoo: [White Widow] - DeadMan in Black
Collar: The Horror! - Keht Collar in Black/Silver (Available until January 22nd at ROMP)
Necklace: Kibitz - MSG Necklace in Fuck Me Silver (Available until January 24th at OMGacha)
Outfit: Dead Dollz - Satin Harness Lingerie in Black (Available until January 22nd at ROMP)
Boots: Essenz - Montana in Black (Available until January 31st at The Seasons Story)
Props: Artisan Fantasy - Capturado Collection (Available until January 22nd at ROMP)

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