Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Snowmen & Shorts?!

I don't know if you've seen it in the news, or perhaps you don't get news about the Netherlands where you are, but we're in the midst of a rare occurrence in some parts of Holland right now. Apparently it's a once in 20 years type deal, but people are putting their ice skates on JUST TO GET OUT OF THEIR FRONT DOORS!!!! I know it's shocked me too! There is no excessive amount of water involved either, it's not like Holland is flooding, it's just slippery right outside the front door! I haven't check at our home yet, I'm staying in my Jammies today but WOW... 
It's prompted me to find somewhere snowy - though without ice because ice makes me nervous! - to take a photo of what will be my first look-of-the-day for 2016...
I LOVE this outfit, and before I ramble on about it I want to add here that I LOVE my new skin... It's so pretty, so soft, and so much more feminine I'm glad I decided to update myself hehe... 
The outfit though is one of those made up of old and new looks, and I love having had the ability to do that... 
For the old I have a jacket and top from Foxes, my favourite boots from Hollyhood and even though it's not as old as the previous two items, the bobble hat and it's curly locks from Spellbound
The new part is something that in the past I might never have chosen to wear, but now that I have it, I am really glad I stepped out of the box... It is the "Neal" Shorts and Leggings from SPIRIT - available at this month's Uber - with the denim over the leather, it really surprised me that I liked them, but I DO hehe... 
You've gotta love it when an outfit just comes together like this right?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Spellbound - Blizzard in Chapter II Sky 
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna Skin in Asia (Available until January 23rd at Uber
Collar: MONS - Extreme Choker in Style 1 
Jacket & Top: [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket in Gunmetal 
Shorts & Leggings: SPIRIT - Neal Shorts & Leggings in Medium Blue (Available until January 23rd at Uber
Boots: HOLLYHOOD - Baraka Boots in Black 
Pose:  Signature Pose - Corvus 1 

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