Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Peace on the Battlefield

Yesterday was scary for me... I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good storm but not so much when it's right over head, and I'm standing outside waiting for a bus in a jacket that is supposedly waterproof but really isn't... I have never been good with explosions but this was something else, the ground was shaking... It was a violent storm! It was a scary violent storm, and I was SO GLAD to be on the bus! 
So when I got home I was playing with creating a photo, something that represented that storm, and the calm of coming home and being able to watch the storm from somewhere safe... 
I don't know how or why but it seems to have a wonderland-ish flair again... I always head to a wonderland when I need to share something like this hehe... Yet here, there is some peace on the bloody battlefield! 
The battlefield is a location at Digital Art's Cammino e Vivo Capvolto location... It's gorgeous, and OK I've seen these chess fights before but I just fell in love with the drama of them, the battlefield aspect, and that calm I had when taking a break from fighting to gaze in wonder - a sense of peace - at the beautiful butterfly, caught in the light... A Schadenfreude Butterfly Daydream if you will... 
Every inch of her is a warrior, from her hair to her toes, but the blood that splattered her body feels like nothing in comparison to the heavy weight of the Chastity Impact body armour she wears... 
This top is one from (Poisoned Diamond) and is yours if you run over to Classically Kinky to grab it... 
Then you too can join in the fight for the good guys, or perhaps she's on the red team fighting for the bad guys this time?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Spellbound - Warrior
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 
Wounds: antielle - The Alchemical Transformation 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing 
Chain: [Haste] - Come Closer Collar in Chrome 
Blood: Ama - Blood Splatter 
Top: (Poisoned Diamond) - Chastity Chest in Impact (Available Now at Classically Kinky
Skirt: Mirage - Apocalypse Skirt in Heavy Grunge (Past Event Release) 
Light Bulb: Schadenfreude - Butterfly Daydream Bulbs 
Pose: Sparrowtree Studios - Princess 2 

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