Wednesday, September 9, 2015

His mother broke her wings...

I love to play dress up, that much you should know about me by now - even if you've only merely glanced at my photos in the past - and I love to take pictures, but until fairly recently I've always been a little nervous about taking pictures of other people. I know that I can do it, and I know that they will always match the standards of my everyday work, but somehow taking pictures of other people always makes me nervous. Yet I have decided to try and incorporate people into my pictures more, to make myself feel less nervous, by using them in photos for me, then maybe I will feel more comfortable taking pictures of them without me hehe... 
This is one of those things, I found an amazing pose prop from Come Soon, and knew the perfect person to be my model... 
My SL son, Athrun, is always trying to convince people he is an angel... We all know that it's not true, I mean look at his adopted parents and the MC he's in, you'd have to be crazy to think of him as anything close to Angelic, 
The pose is pretty perfect for us, he helps me up a lot, and OK I will admit that I am about as far from an angel as possible... So the Come Soon Broken Wings Pose is definitely now one of those Mother and Son moments, that only SL is capable of creating. 
I dressed somewhat angelicly, I mean the outfit is one from Storybook at The Fantasy Collective and it's based on an outfit they might wear in Olympus - that's the land of the Greek Gods in case you don't know... 
I just know that losing the wings like that must hurt, and having a son like Ath that is willing to help me up is always a blessing... Perhaps he´s more of an angel than we all thought?!

What is she wearing;
(If you'd like to know anything that Athrun is wearing please feel free to ask me and I will find out, he's not very good at making outfit listings... Trust me, it's easier this way LOL!)
Hair: Magika - Which Witch 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Outfit: Storybook - Olympus Outfit in Ares (Available Now at The Fantasy Collective)
Pose: Come Soon - Broken Wings 

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