Tuesday, September 8, 2015

L'Amour Diversity... The Magazine

OK So I didn't take this photo, but this is the front cover of a project that I am actively involved in, a new to SL publication called L'Amour Diversity...
The magazine has been out a few weeks now but the first issue was and still is one of those things that I am very proud of. I didn't have a great deal of input into the layout of the magazine, I am a shutter-bug and writer for biker related articles, but it really looks great and will continue to look even more professional as the issues come out.
I've been asked by the Editor-in-Chief to concentrate my writing ability on a series of articles regarding the SL Biker World... Not the thing you would find on average in a magazine, but this book focuses on the variety of SL life... Fashion is involved of course, but there are interesting articles about locations, subcultures and even finding your SL dream home!
To give you a little taster, here is a sneak peek at my article "Bikers Weekly"... 

" There is nothing worse than being shunned by your peers, even in a virtual reality world. I will share more with you about Biker Code in a follow-up story, but for now I ask you to think of it as something as important to the bikers as the pirate code is to Jack Sparrow (you know the one from the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies?!)" 

To read more, check out issue one of L'Amour Diversity either on the web or by grabbing a virtual copy in SL... 
Please let me know what you think, we'd love to hear your comments!!! 

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