Saturday, September 12, 2015

The toys that we forgot...

The Arcade comes and we all go crazy collecting new toys and fun things that we simply cannot live without... But what about the stuff that we end up forgetting, the stuff that gets buried in our hoards that never sees the light of day anymore...
I got a little creative, OK so it's a brand new release and one of the rares to boot, so it is hardly likely to end up in my forgotten box for a while, but I couldn't help myself hehe... 
This little Galatea Doll was forgotten when the child got some new toys, she had the car and bear for company but nothing could stop the spiders moving in! 
The Galatea Doll parts are gacha releases from Tentacio for this month's Arcade, and they come in various different components... The head - without hair which was a past freebie from MaiOwn! at the last Hair Fair by the way - has a selection of different eye colours and is one of a selection that you can win... The underwear is also one of three different colours - this being gold, but black and silver are also available... The bodies however, are the bits that I am most in love with! This is the Carrusel body and I hate to admit that it is one of the rare bodies - I was lucky enough to be gifted not just this one but the skeleton one from a friend, and no doubt that will come out soon - but all of the bodies are awesome... Some have tattoos, some a basic and there are even some with little nods towards the mermaid cult that has gripped SL for a while now... So no matter which body you win, they are all gorgeous! I accessorised the dolly with a wig and a necklace from Half-Deer but that was it... Nothing else was necessary! 
The other toys that were left with her just made the shot perfect though, especially when I draped them in cobwebs from Schadenfreude that I had picked up at the recent Festival of Sin! The Teddy Scare was one of my all time favourite toys for a long time, you can hide in him and jump out to scare people that sit with you hehe... He's still available from Curio Obscura, I believe, but don't quote me on that! Lastly though the toy car, or should that be "toy" car as it's not really a toy! It's a full sized, drivable car from Consignment at the Arcade but this rare rusted Wax On/Wax Off Rat Rod made the perfect toy to be left with the doll... 
Feel so sad seeing things like this, perhaps today is an inventory sorting day!?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: MaiOwn! - Angel (Past Hair Fair Freebie) 
Head: Tentacio - Galatea Doll Head in Vamp (Available Now at The Arcade
Body: Tentacio - Galatea Doll. Body in Carrusel RARE (Available Now at The Arcade
Necklace: Half-Deer - Forest's Tale Heart Key Necklace in Latte (Past Arcade Release) 
Lingerie: Tentacio - Galatea Doll. Body in Bra & Thong Gold (Available Now at The Arcade
Car: Consignment - Wax On/Wax Off Convertible in Ratrod RARE (Available Now at The Arcade
Teddy: Curio Obscura - Teddy Scare 
Spider Webs: Schadenfreude - Acedia Cobwebs (Past Festival of Sin Release) 
Pose: Signature Pose - Ballet 2 

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