Sunday, December 21, 2014

Time for something a little Different...

Amidst all of the fancy goings on at Christmas, is it just me or is it a non-stop time of year?! I had to admit something to myself. I LOVE the festivity, the pretty, the amazing warm feeling that Christmas always seems to have no matter where I am... BUT I really do miss the darker, macabre side of things hehe... There is only so much rainbow sparkle to Rudh I can take in one sitting, and I had to have a little injection of something darker... 
I guess you could call it a random, non-seasonal look of the day, but I HAD to get out of the cutesy Christmas stuff for just a little while! Hence why I found myself playing around in my wardrobe, searching for something a little darker, a little more sadistic, a little more attention seeking from those with a love of things that are kinky hehe... 
One of those kinky - although he pretends to be a sweetheart - people just happened to be my dear friend... We shall not name and shame him here, don't want to get him a rep as the Dom that gimped up for a brat - albeit in a modelling capacity - but even hinting that may get me into trouble later, I'd better behave... Sorry Sir hehe...  He suggested the idea, and I knew he would be the perfect one to help me... There was NO WAY I'd ever get my hubby dressing up like this!
The reason for the photos was that as a random "look of the day" I needed some way to shoot myself, when it was suggested that I was styled in a way that needed a gimpy sub, I knew I had the perfect poses in storage waiting to shine... The photo above uses a pose called Adoration, by Image Essentials, where as the close-up coming later uses an old Captivity Co Pose, which unfortunately is no longer available!
Let's have a little chat about the outfit though shall we... It started out due to two purchases from a past round of Fi*Friday - fear not though, items are available now at their origin stores. The Black Leather Top from M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H, and the thigh high Bullet Boots from Obscure, were two items that I simply could NOT leave behind... I HAD to grab them as soon as I saw them! Although, never in a million years did I think I'd be pairing them together, along with my teeny Razor Micro Shorts, and a Gas Mask to create some urban, cyber, Goth Domme look! 
With the exception of one of my favourite constriction collars - the Scrub Feathered Constriction to be precise - and an eye patch, from DirtyStories, I tried to keep everything else simple. Simple jewellery, simply dressed pet... With all of that control, too much else could possibly have landed me in some very hot water hehe... 
To the dear, sweet, little Gimp in the photos... Thank you for posing and being patient with me, I know you went off to make a cuppa while I was playing with your body, but it's great to have someone who is outside the biker circuit and doesn't mind going beyond his comfort zone for my crazy photo taking! You Sir, are the best!!! *hugs* 

What are they wearing;
Hair & Gas Mask: Truth - Rogue (Past Uber Release) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Forehead) REPULSE - Dead Forehead Wound Face Tattoo 
Eyepatch: DirtyStories - Doll's Eyepatch 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercings 
Collar: Scrub - Feathered Construction 
Top: M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H - Leather Top in Black (Past Fi*Friday Item) 
Bracelets: ReVeRie - SeLKies Bangles (No Longer Available!)
Stomach Wound: REPULSE - Psycho Stomach Wound Tattoo
Shorts: Razor - Vas Micro Shorts 
Boots: Obscure - Bullet Boots in Black (Past Fi*Friday Item) 
The Gimp:
Outfit: SFetish - Black Mamba Fullsuit 2004 (No Longer Available!)
Pose: Image Essentials - Adoration 
Close Up: Captivity Co. Poses- Grip (No Longer Available!)

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