Monday, December 1, 2014

My Inner Feelings...

Something is stirring in secondlife, there is the sound of yet another stampede of shoppers and this time it's not a sale but an event they are all charging for...
Today sees the start of a new round of The Arcade - yep, it's been three months since the last one, crazy I know - but already people have been browsing the shopping guide, making a list if they are anything like me, and are in their running shoes as the doors open for another month of gambling LOL...
Though I know, for myself more than anyone, that the Arcade can make me go a little crazy... I spend more than I ever normally would, I develop a greedy need for things that normally I might not waste my time on, and I drive myself half mad needing complete collections - many of which are likely to stay in my hoard hehe...
So when I first unpacked the Arcade item, sent to bloggers, from Rachel Breaker, I had two instant reactions... First, Oh my God it's kinda ugly! Second was well that really does sum up the inner crazies I have when it comes to the Arcade lol...
This seemed to be the case especially after Jimmy suggested the mask would go well with a straight jacket, and I found this awesome Belted Fetish Jacket from Sugar.
So the crazy unicorn me was partly ready, there was a need to find a location - and though the Arcade Merry-Go-Round would have been perfect - I decided to find a different circus! If you haven't seen the 109 Prim Circus, then you should check it out... It's small but VERY pretty and more than a little fantasy in it's style! It was at that moment that the crazy in me decided it was time to enjoy the circus feeling just a little bit more, the unicorn eating it's favourite meal of Cotton Candy - supplied by MishMish - riding out on a noble Intrigue Co Carousel Attachment Steed, could it get much crazier than that?!
Bring on The Arcade now, that's all I can say... I'm ready to go crazy... I'm already there!!

What is she wearing;
Mask: Rachel Breaker - MyInnerFeelingsMasks in UNICORN Rare (Available Now at The Arcade)
Jacket: Sugar - Belted Fetish Jacket in White
Cotton Candy: MishMish - Cotton Candy in Pink
Pants: Sugar & Cyanide - Zipped Leather Pants in Black (No Longer Available!)
Unicorn: Intrigue Co - Unicorn Carousel Attachment

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