Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Someone's Rezz Day... Let's Meme!

One of the things I like to do each and every day is check through the pictures of the people I follow on Flickr. I love to see the creativity and design of each and every mind, be they those of the people that are pure fashionistas, or people with an artistic mentality, every one makes something different.
So as I was perusing through Flickr this morning, I saw that Sophia Harlow had posted a picture collage for a Meme... I was intrigued... I was lead to the blog of Sylvia Olivier, who is celebrating her rezz day with a photo meme...
She challenged people to look back over the last 12 months, and choose our favourite - she said profile pictures, but I don't do many of those so I just chose my favourite picture per month - as a way of looking back over the year! 
What a good idea I thought... It's always fun looking back and seeing what we have been up to... I know for myself that I feel I have started improving more and more as a photographer. I've been exploring taking photos outside of my photo booth, and getting more into setting a shot in scenery. I've also been playing more with lighting settings. People tried to make me go to photography classes, but I've always felt happier being a trial and error learner... I feel proud of what I have accomplished this far... 
Not only are my photos getting better... I have developed some kick ass multi-tasking skills this year, juggling the organisation of an MC as well as becoming the blogger manager for the Horror Haute Armata! 
Of the 12 photos - one for each month - that I have chosen, I have to say my favourites are the more macabre ones... I LOVE number 6. I feel I'm much better at close-ups than full body shots LOL... Really was fun taking a trip down memory lane again though, thank you to Sylvia for making me go down that road hehe - congrats on your celebrations! 

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