Thursday, December 18, 2014

BEARDEER... A Horrorfestive Creation!

You must have heard that Christmas song, the one about a little Drummer Boy... Well I've been messing around with some more of the goodies from Horrorfestive and I've discovered something a little special... 
I recently discovered the very rare beardeer... Half Bear, Half Deer... and this one that was spottted, captured and then stuffed at home, just happened to be playing the drum like a little drummer boy! 
LOL... Sometimes even I wonder what drugs I smoke as I start typing. I just read that back and thought "HUH?", but I'm just going to leave it as is, and let you wonder where the crazy in my head comes from! 
I will admit however, that I have been playing with more of the awesome goodies from Horrorfestive, and really enjoyed dancing around in this next outfit that I am about to show you... 
I'm guessing now you can tell where the randomness about Beardeer comes from lol... It wasn't my fault I was just putting things together to create a cute look and BAM it happened in my brain!!!
The outfit's beardeer components come from two places at Horrorfestive. The skin is a Hera Skin, in a Snow Bear style, from PixyStix, although I will also admit that I made it a little more panda like by adding the Black Out eye make-up from Ama with a right eye that I blacked out! I then added the deer part by slipping into the Rude Reindeer outfit from ImmateriA, and this just happens to include the ears, antlers and tail - as well as hooves that you cannot see here!
One of the other aspects that I used to make the look of the Beardeer was these amazing eyes! The eyes are a gacha item, from the minds behind the store Devae. I simply couldn't decide which to wear, so I went with a special release in an Artic colour, but to show off all of the possibilities I have a little collage for you hehe... 
Lastly, the drummer boy bit of my look... I love props in my pictures hehe, but this one I was thinking "HOW AM I GOING TO USE THAT?!", and it just seemed to look right with this outfit LOL... The pose I used to pose the outfit was one from Signature Pose - which you can pick up from Pose Me Amazing - but it worked well with the positioning of the drum and it's drumsticks from Enchant3D. When you beat the drum that nasty bloody mess splashes about, and that's great for making a mess but not so for keeping a white outfit white!

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Clawtooth (CbC) - Snow Bunny in Prize 3 Exquisite Reds (Available now at The Arcade
Skin: PixyStix - Hera in Snow Bear (with normal and rabid versions) (Available now at Horrorfestive 2014
Black Eye Make-Up (including Black Right Eye): Ama - Blackout Eyes (Available now at Horrorfestive 2014
Left Eye: Devae - Eyes in Wild Hunt *BMH* Arctic (Available now at Horrorfestive 2014)
Outfit (including Antlers, Ears & Hooves): ImmateriA - Rude Reindeer (Available now at Horrorfestive 2014
Drum: Enchant3D - Blood Drum (Available now at Horrorfestive 2014
Pose: Signature Pose - Crystal 8 (Available now at Pose Me Amazing

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