Saturday, September 24, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 47!

Apparently last week Luna had said in the group about not being able to style a house, HONESTLY I HAD NO IDEA!!! When the brick colour came up again I just searched on Marketplace and voila... HOW COULD I RESIST?! I honestly thought people would just ignore it and think it was dumb, but I am glad so many people liked it hehe... Thanks everyone. 
This week though was dilemma time again, the colour title was nothing like the colour of the swatch I thought it should be. Should I go with my own thoughts of the colour or should I match the swatch? Why break tradition, lol, I matched the colour that Luna had posted... A very pale looking yellow, kinda Autumnal but then I seemed to end up in Spring mode. I think my brain left me this week!
Week 47...
Week 47: Carried away on the breeze
What is she wearing; 
Hair: - Tatum
Necklace: No idea where this came from sorry guys
Tattoo: .:CoLL:. - Mab's Apprentice (past hunt prize)
Dress: :[Plastik]: - Narcissus (past hunt prize)
Wings: [Wishbox] - Dusk Wings
Bracelet: SLink - Orchid Corsage
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied
Dandelion: No Strings Attached - Dandy (past hunt prize)

My view of Khaki is more of an olive green colour, yet as I am kinda anti-green this yellow worked better, lol. I went Fae this week, as you can see, when I first started out in SL I was a fairy all the time, it is still part of Rudh's character story that you may hear me use some day... 
Next Week - Moss Green


  1. hi Rudh you very cute as a fairy. That fairy wing is beautiful !! I love dandelions ..come see in my home.. some nice huge pictures of dandelions...bye bye Nic

  2. aw Rudh that's so cute! You look like a pixie blowing away with the puff ball :P

  3. Why do I have the feelimg that this fairy is planning to spank a lot of folks ... lol
    but you look really cute ;-))

  4. You are a lovely fairy and I am looking forward to hearing that story one day!

  5. I look forward every week to see what you've come up with! And I'm never disappointed. LOVE the big dandelion. You look smashing!

  6. Ooooh! I hope these autumn breezes don't blow you away. You're too cute!

  7. Aw and adorable little khaki fairy, too cute!

  8. Cutest and sexiest fairy ive seen around! And yes, you matched the color up perfectly to what Luna displayed.
    Before I close my eyes and blow on the dandelion you hold in your hand. I wish we will always and forever be friends. =) xo

  9. Wow what a cute lil fairy you are Rudh!!! Love this pic!!

  10. Such a cute fairy. I just love Wishbox, don't you?

  11. You look like air and light put together.

  12. apologies if this posted twice (blogger hates me today) Another awesome pic and post Rudh. :)

  13. Awww, cute. I'm so behind this week but glad I'm catching up with such coolness!