Friday, September 9, 2011

B is for the Alphabet Challenge is back - BRILLIANT!

That's right, week 2 of the awesome Alphabet Challenge. I'm not sure exactly which day is change over day for the new letter week to begin but it seems that Monday is an empty slot in my blogging calendar, so Monday's it is for me at least hehe, every alphabet post after this will appear on a MONDAY lol... 
As to be expected, this week's letter would be B! B turned out to be much harder for me to accomplish after the ease that was A last week. Hair was the biggest problem, I couldn't find a style I wanted to wear with the outfit let alone one that began with B, then after much digging I pulled on something that worked. Could have just gone and bought one at my B store of the week, yet I love this store for it's bright pink hair and don't really wanna spoil the pinkness by adding hair in a different colour - lol I know I'm weird like that lol!!! 
What B's did I dig out of my wardrobe; 
Hair: Exile - BRONWYN
Skin: #BEFORE SLEEP# - FAH Skin (past hunt prize) 
Necklace: ::TroubleGum:: BLACK PEARL NECKLACE
Top: BOUNCE - Grand-ma's Sweater
Pants: BROCADE TIGER - Leather Patch Jeans (past hunt prize)
Boots: Redgrave - Girl's BIKER BOOTS

My location this week is the fabulous store BC322... They make all kinds of accessories, but it is the hair that I am addicted to... I LOVE all the freebie pink styles and will often go back and purchase in regular tones too...


  1. Very nice! Love those pants!!

  2. I hope they didn't kick you out of the store for sitting on their displays! Cool boots btw :)

  3. I LOVE those pants... *pouts a bit*