Thursday, September 8, 2011

My attempts at Building

I have always told people that I am NOT interested in building, I haven't got the patients to work on any building projects for long periods of time. I also kid myself that even though I have been in SL for 5 years, I don't have the know how... An idea which is actually pretty silly seeing as I am often to be seen setting up props for photos, modding clothes to fit my "chunky waisted ho" shape (lol long story, basically some jealous woman in a club acted about 15 and decided to insult me - had the reverse effect, I couldn't stop laughing!) and occasionally I put my mind to a project, like the time a couple of years ago I spent weeks making everyone of my SL family their own personal rag doll alike! 
However today I finished a build project that I started about six months ago, and it was a pretty proud moment for me... 
As a back story, since I was born I have had a special friend - Dogga... Genius name huh? He went everywhere with me, gave my mum nightmares when he was left somewhere and helped me to deal with some not nice reoccuring nightmares that I have had since I was 15 and still get to this day. I had wanted to try and build him in SL for a while, I'd thought that it would be easy shapes but I gave up as it wasn't working, still Hell prompted me and Rudh now has a Dogga in SL. The RL Dogga looks a bit shabby, he's 25 now has had many eye replacement surgeries, nose jobs, a neck tightening operation and is considerably flatter than when I was given him, but I blame that on the fact that I slept on him when I was little...
Does it make me a freak wanting to build my childhood toy in SL? LOL, if it does OH WELL I don't really care!!! I'm just proud that I could build something without wanting to kill someone!


  1. Don't we all have an old cuddly toy that looks so worn and dirty, you are probably the only person in the world that can still love it? I know I do!

    The SL Dogga looks super cute! You definitely need a huggable version of him :)

  2. Aww, that is adorable. My mom had said I had a stuffed dog I slept with named Little Richard. Ive seen pix of me as a baby with it. I also remember my daughter having a stuffed doggie that she slept with, she named it Ohs..not sure where the name came from, she doesnt either. =) Kudos to you my friend for building your childhood bedtime buddy, and glad Hell gave you the nudge you needed. xoxo

  3. Bloody hell that's amazing... Hell made the sculpties, right..? Or are you making sculpties in SL too now LOL! I leave to have a kid and suddenly my lil sis outstrips me in building :O Really well done ^.^