Monday, September 26, 2011

E is for EXCELLENT!! - Alphabet Time

E could also be for Emily, but pushing RL aside, I worked on this week's letter. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease in which this outfit came together, I had been thinking that E might be one of the harder ones, yet I was actually relieved to find that E was covered by a good range of stores. I had options for Hair, options for Clothing, options for Shoes and even options for Jewellery, so I was pretty pleased to pick and choose my look. Although, the outfit I actually came up with, was a fairly unusual colour for me, I blame it on the hat LOL! I like the hat!
 What E's did I dig outta my wardrobe; 
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] - Frost
Necklace: Kosh - ENIGMA
Top: E! ECLECTIC APPAREL - Sparkling Dress (past hunt prize)
Sleeves: [Sassy Kitty Designs ] (now SAKIDE) - ELBOW WOOLEN
Bracelet: EDGE GRAFICA - 37 bracelet
Pants: [Cynful] - EVE BRITCHES
Shoes: SLink - ECHO HEELS

I know that it isn't Exile hair that I am wearing for this photo, but I chose Exile as my E store because I love the variety of hair that is set out each week here. Styles seem to vary in every release, more so than releases from other hair stores that regularly create new products. I love the colour options that come with these styles too, although normally you'll find me in black hair hehe...


  1. Love that look! It might be an unusual colour for you, but it really suits you! I give it two paws up ;)

  2. Cute E! I loved that hair when it was out for the Seasons Hunt and can't wait to rock it again in the Winter.

  3. Adorable photo..and I LOVE the hat tooooo!! xox