Monday, September 19, 2011

D is for DIFFICULT - Alphabet Time!

Some letters we're going to find easier than others, I was ready and expecting certain letters to be hard, J, X and Y seem to have difficulty written all over them in my wardrobe warehouse, but the I wasn't expecting D to be one of those harder letters... Boy was I wrong! I mean OK, bits of it just fell into place but seriously I couldn't make things fit together like an outfit, it took me hours and much cussing!! Yet like always after putting together a particularly difficult outfit, something that has surprised me time and time again during the colour challenge, I really like the outfit that I created! 
What D's did I dig outta my wardrobe;
Hair: Magika - DONNA
Skin: DJINN & TONIC - Mua, Tears of Blood (past hunt prize)
Necklace: .phresh. - DIAMANTS D'AMOUR (past hunt prize)
Jacket: * ^v^THE DEATH ^v^* - Rock Star Jacket
Top: DYN - Bronwyn Top
Shoes: In Her Shoes - DISTRESSED BOW BOW FLATS (past hunt prize)

The Store that I have chosen for this week's post is definitely one of the best places to buy cuteness in many forms. D-LAB is stuffed full with cute animals, cute toys and zany plants that can be found as decoration in many other locations across SL, and if you haven't at least seen one of the cute animals at some point I have to wonder have you been living under a rock? There always seems to be something that I want from this place whenever there is a release, my home is overflowing with the cute, so much so that Hell is gonna start to complain at some point, lol!! 

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