Sunday, September 4, 2011

The 10 Things I Love About SL - Blogger Challenge

Reading through the massive amount of posts this weekend has provided so far, I noticed a post on the blog of Miss Laila Laperriere, posted last Thursday 1st September, with a title that suggested another blogger challenge. Now I am NEVER one to say no to a challenge and this one seems to be a one off set by a Miss Chalice Carling, on her blog Chalice in Wonderland. It caught my attention, so I got my brain into gear and came up with pictorial representations of  THE TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT SECONDLIFE.
Rudh is MY BARBIE DOLL, I will always tell people that. I don't claim to be anything like her, except personality wise as our personalities are one and the same. As a RL "fat girl", CLOTHES AND SHOES tend to be a little more on the expensive side, so SL helps me to appease my inner clothes-loving demon, as they are just so cheap and so pretty! 
HELLBONE and I met in SL when we were working for a club, he sang to me on voice in Dutch when ALL the guests of the club could hear, lol. He is now my favourite DJ, my Ken dolly, and the man I wanna grow old with. My FRIENDS are another of my things. SL is great it helps you meet people from all over the world, without this "game" I would have missed out on meeting some of the most amazing people, from all walks of life!
I have learnt recently about what it means to take PHOTOS of SL memories. I used to be so bad at it, never thinking of clicking a little button, now I click all the time, and have a hard disk that is groaning under the weight of all my SL photos. The sixth of my ten things are LOL WTF MOMENTS - there are so many things that happen in RL that can make you laugh but at those moments I rarely tend to have a camera, in SL all you have to do is point and click... Like this one, the day that Fledge was a toilet and she decided I needed a shower, lol wtf?
TREASURE HUNTING  seems to be my favourite past-time, possibly equal to shopping! I love the thrill of finding a prize, or finding a great store that I never knew existed, and then when it comes to opening the prizes it's like being a kid at Christmas! DRESSING UP is definitely another of my must do things in SL, I will never get tired of trying to put together a fancy dress outfit, be it a pirate, or a princess, or even just my PJs, dressing up is awesome!
Although I have only been BLOGGING about a year now it is one of my loves that stems from SL. Now in the morning I get up with a coffee and my blog dashboard to see what everyone is up to. My SL HOME is the best place to sit whilst I am blogging as it is one of the most calming spaces in SL for me. Built and designed by HellBone and Remus, it is a wild garden, with many hidden places perfect for getting away from it all surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature.
That's it, all TEN... Some of them may seem silly, but that is what makes me love them so much, and if you wanna check out the original post I point you to Chalice in Wonderland. I know that sometimes I bitch about SL with it's lag and crashing, but seriously at the end of the day, I wouldn't give it up... I couldn't... Do you think they drug it or send out subliminal messaging or something, ya know something that stops people leaving?


  1. Beautiful post, it wasnt an easy challenge, this I know for a fact. But so worth it! I am glad for SL in the fact I smile when I read your blog. You keep it real. XoXo

  2. Fantastic post! LOL my potty avie really has tickled your fancy it's been showing up a lot recently... I think most of my favourites would be the same as yours, NOT the treasure hunting - I'd have to include Avatars (as distinct from outfits) and Exploring, and the rather esoteric fact that SL brings out so much in everyone's imagination - you can be and do just as you like with no physical limits, from running a furry space station bordello to tending an ocean garden for everyone in SL to enjoy... the possibilities are endless. I miss the old days... but it's too immersive and I would end up neglecting my Bean.