Sunday, September 11, 2011

Themory ^Re.Birth^ and Animal Lips!

Now it is not very often that I ever buy make-up in SL and think DAMN I wanna talk about this... My normal go to wear is just a slick of lipstick from KOSH, yet during this week's Project Themory, I found the COOLEST LIPSTICKS EVER!!! I love a sale as much as anyone, but I can be fairly lazy when it comes to the bounty of stuff that is released in special sales every weekend, so lazy in fact that I let other people do the trawling over SL and I just look at the pictures on their blogs - THANK YOU FOR THOSE lol!! Sometimes things jump out at me, other times I can go a whole weekend without buying anything, this weekend was a good one, I bought lots! Thing is the majority of this stuff is likely to be blogged all over the place, but when I saw these I couldn't resist. 
Project Themory this week is all about RL2SL (or real life inspiration in the SL world) and damn that could cover anything, such as the cute pet snails Miss Lynaja Bade of Concrete Flowers produced to represent her RL pets of her youth to the simply awesome lipstick artwork created by Miss Remi Bohemian of ^Re.Birth^.
There is a set of these lipsticks, of which I bought 6, each for 75$L till about 12pm SLT Today, so you don't have long. I'm not sure what price they will be after this time...
Apparently, according to the accompanying sign these were based on RL Lip Art... I was like NO WAY, but I looked at the link, it takes you to the Deviant Art page Viridis Somnio and OH MY GOSH THEY ARE REAL, and so worth a look!!! This artist is brilliant at painting her lips, I can't even create my own face paint, this is just AWESOME, take a look here and GO GET SOME LIPS!!


  1. What a great idea! Innovative and creative! To cute

  2. OMG I so have to buy this! Not that I really need it or anything, but it's just too cute to resist!