Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 9

YAY it's Wednesday! YAY it's Song Time! Though, not yay, as I had NO IDEA what I was going to create for this. I had a migraine, I couldn't even bring myself to listen to the song all the way through, and that was something I NEEDED to do as I had never heard of this song before. When Fledge was around I passed the thinking to her, it was just making my brain explode, and she came up with a kick-ass idea. 
Week Nine's song... DQ - Drama Queen
I'm your drama queen tonight
All my troubles are out of sight
When the lights are on
I will be your shining star
I'm your drama queen tonight
Everything's gonna be alright
when I get on the stage tonight
Fledge's idea was simple, but it would take some work to create the finished photo. Firstly she suggested a very glamourous dress teamed with big hair, and being lowered onto a stage on the star seats that I finally managed to dig out of the wardrobe warehouse! I found one of my favourite dresses, it is gorgeous, yet only really suitable for static poses as the sculpted skirt won't move... To team with that she had suggested big hair, all the big hair that I put on looked shocking with the dress and didn't have the glamour that I wanted. I thought of the show girl headdresses that were worn in the video and wanted one, though on the marketplace they came with outfits and were expensive. I cheated, took an old dance fan and voila, when teamed with red hair, glamour... PERFECT. Fledge came to the rescue once again, dusted off her building skills and artistic eye and helped to set up the shot by creating the lighting, the best lighting technician ever I swear, I'd made a right hash job of it with glowing cones - lol it wasn't good trust me!
Thank you Fledge for helping with this... In fact I should just credit you for the entire shot, I doubt it would have come out just like it did without your help... Plus you've always been the one to handle my Drama Queen moments LOL!! You're my shining star!


  1. Awww *^.^* I'm sure you would have come up with something just as good if you'd not had a migraine - your posts are fantastic - but I'm glad I could help with this one, it made me feel quite creative again! (Funny how having a 3 year old can drive that right out of your brain LOL) *Huggles*

    Guess it's too late to put your drama llama head in the background as a prop!

  2. Well done both of you. I don't know how you're managing to keep up with all these challenges at once!

  3. Girl, you are kicking butt on these challenges, WOOHOOO! Great job on this one with her diva drama look! xoxo