Monday, September 5, 2011


Sitting on SL yesterday staring at the screen wondering what to do, I saw a little notice message pop up. It was from Luna in the 52Weeks group, pointing us in the direction of another challenge, and by now you should know that I NEVER say no to a challenge lol... This makes it a hat-trick of challenges that I will be working on, at least for the next few weeks before the Colour Challenge comes to an end. 
The challenge up for attempting is The Alphabet Challenge, hosted by Miss Willis on her blog What *is* Willis Talkin' About?, and it has been set up with a few very simple rules; 

Everything you wear… must begin with the letter you are blogging.. for example;
 - Store Name
 - Item Name
 - Item Colour

Sounds fun, would appear that the challenge has been run before, but as a yearling blogger (I'm still in my first year of blogging - lol), I figured that this time I would give it a shot...
What A's did I dig out of my wardrobe; 
Hair: Maitreya - APPLE
Skin: AL VULO - Elena Huntress Sunkissed (past hunt prize)
Glasses: .:ACID&MALA:. - Reader Glasses (past hunt prize)
Necklace: [ACIDE] - Chained Necklace
Top: .:ACID&MALA:. - Jungle Bandana Top (past hunt prize)
Pants: ACTION - Womens Skinny Novelty Jeans

Going to try to use this challenge show some of my favourite places too, I used to write posts about my favourite places, I may do so again but for now... Acid and Mala, one of my favourite stores hehe!! 
Not sure if this challenge is being run weekly, or monthly, so you'll have to keep watch to find my bees (lol B's)!


  1. Attractive..And...Awesome post for the Alphabet Challenge :)

  2. Aw cool Rudh!
    I won't be able to start till next week... This should be FUN!

  3. Very nice, Rudh! As we Canadians say, "nice job with the EH!!" :)