Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 40, We Finally Did It!!

It has been a long time coming, Mayala and I have been a bit like two passing ships on a VERY busy shipping lane, hehe... We get the briefest of glimpses before one or the other disappeared into the mists. Yet damn when we did get together instead of meeting the sexy Miss Maya, I was met by a smoking hot man with a handle-bar mustache... EEK!! Apparently Maya couldn't make it to the filming hehe... 
Talking of which I thought it would be a set of STILL photos, but Maya being Maya, she reached deep into the bag and pulled out the first comedy in the Rudh/Maya Movie Classics Series! 
The narration alone, read by Microsoft Sam, had me in tears as I was laughing so hard... I guess Maya wanted to branch into her first RomCom! She did it with such flair that I have to say although it took so long for us to finally get our shit together, this is possibly my favourite movie yet Miss Loon!!! As always hon, it was so much fun to work with you... Thing is now can we get our acts together for at least two more joint projects, the one we missed and the one to come?! *hugs Maya* You rock my friend, but damn I cant believe you beat my thrown down challenge LOL... oh well there is always next time!


  1. Sure there'll be a next time ... just not sure when ;-)
    But as there's already the idea for week 30 ... and week 50 isn't that far away anymore ... it shouldn't be ... erm ... too long *grins*
    I definately can hardly wait to mess around with you again ;-) ... *hugs*

  2. This was sooo cool! Great job to the both of you. Toooo dang funny! Loves ya...xoxooxo

  3. ROFL that's great, I gasped when the poor things slipped into the ocean, and Sam deserves an oscar for that narration ;-)