Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dark Magic Clan uses Blood Magic in their Cooking!!

Dark Magic... Something that I have recently thought of as that which shouldn't be dabbled in... I know a number of RL White Witches but saw first hand a reaction of one of my friends when she met someone that practised something darker, and boy was it an uncomfortable feeling... 
Yet it's the dark magic that always allures me... It's that dark magic which makes a girl feel powerful and devious, so when I'm lured to the dark side I tend to let myself go there freely - unless it's the Star Wars dark side then it's always under extreme duress LOL... 
Deep in a cave, Rudh has been welcomed as a high priestess into the Dark Magic Clan... An epic battle rages on between the Dark Magic and the Blood Magic, and it's going to be nasty, especially now we have a little of the Blood Magic's Magic!!! 
My mind can so easily go into over drive when I'm being creative it seems so it's not my fault that when I'm handed a set like this amazing Dark Magic Collection, my mind runs away with me... 
This amazing collection is a Fantasy Gacha Carnival release from the awesome Violetility. Everything you see here in this picture - Rudh excluded - is available in the gacha collection in both the Dark Magic - blue - and Blood Magic - red - versions... 
I had so much fun turning myself into a Dark Magic Mage... I wanted to be someone etherial looking, hence why I wear the flowers in my favourite new hairstyle from RunAway - at the current round of FaMESHed - and the loose body veil over the under bust corset... 
Before I disappear today though, I'm needed to work on this potion to attack our Blood Clan enemies, I do have one little confession... The "Staff" I'm holding is actually a lamp, and the pose I'm using is actually a NANTRA "I Protest" Sign Pose... I'll be showing the poses properly soon, but it just seemed to be the prefect pose to hold the lamp and make it look like I was using the Blood Magic in my spell cooking!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: RunAway - Samantha Hair in Essentials (Available until May 30th at FaMESHed
Hair Flowers: Ariskea - Flower Child Gacha Item in Babybreath Green Crown 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Veil: May's Soul - La Parca Camisk in White 
Corset: [Etchaflesh] - Colorblind Nymh Underbust Corset 
Pose: NANTRA - I Protest, Pose 1 (Available until May 31st at The Gacha Garden
Backdrop, Furniture & Props: Violetility - Magic Clans Gacha Items (Available until June 7th at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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