Monday, May 28, 2018

High as a Biker

I've been a biker chick in SL now for a long time, over 5 years of my SL have been dedicated to the Gators MC and the Biker Lifestyle. It's not something I'd ever thought I'd end up doing, I really had no interest in it but because of the hubby and the wonderful family that I have now it looks like I'm stuck here. 
Doesn't mean I won't be a little bit of a bad girl along the way - not one of those wannabe bad girls that try too hard... I'm gonna be the kind that does weird stuff because I can lol... Starting with trying to ride while HIGH lol... 
Lemme just roll my spliff - thanks to the Roll Up pose from Reve Obscura - then I'll get my bike out of the garage at Cranium Bay... 
My biker attire MAY get me into big trouble with one of my big brothers though, so let's hope that Rocky of H&H doesn't see me right now... He'd be telling me to cover my legs lol... There would be pictures sent, he's not the man in charge of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for nothing! 
Though I LOVE my outfit and I'm happy to show it off lol... I pulled on the Off-Shoulder Leather Jacket from Tetra to test the demo and knew I'd be leaving Collabor88 with one LOL, and it seemed so cute with the villena Ripped Front Shorts worn over some fishnet tights! 
I wonder how long I can stay upright though now I'm high??! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Lela in Redhead 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Jacket: TETRA - Off-Shoulder Leather Jacket in Black (Available until June 6th at Collabor88
Shorts: villena - Ripped Front Shorts in Blue 
Tights: villena - Fishnet 
Pose & Prop: Reve Obscura - Roll Up BENTO Pose 

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