Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I am a Little Upset AND I have a Sign!

Going to have to rant a bit today, but it's OK I will be nice and leave a pretty picture that says enough for those of you that aren't interested in reading one of my ranting rambles... Just scroll to the bottom as usual for the outfit details! The picture tells you enough really LOL... 
Now for the rant... 
I am getting so fed up of people telling me flat out lies... SURE if you're harbouring a secret that's fine, but don't tell me something and then tell someone else - who you know is likely to tell me - something different. I hate being lied to... It's one of those things that bugs me the most. I mean little white lies I can bear but if I ask you something important and you swear blind that it's something different, and THEN I find out I was right in the first place, please don't expect me to be sweetness and light about it. I truly hate confrontation, and I'm not keen on drama like most people, but lying seems much worse. In a Second Life family, like the Gators MC, it can be nigh on impossible to keep things hidden, and the Chinese whispers can cause more damage than they are worth... I just want people to bear that in mind, remember the fact that you choose your family in SL, and stop causing harm to those you claim to love... 
Anyway onto the outfit, and more so the pose, because without them this picture would have been totally different lol... I decided to wear this outfit from Valentina E, that I bought at a recent round of FLF, and it needed to be in a classroom... It reminded me so much of my old school uniform that no where else would work hehe. Yet it's the pose that warrants most of the credit for this picture. This is one of the "I Protest" Poses from NANTRA which is available at the current round of The Gacha Garden. There are 8 different poses available from the gacha collection, and each comes with a different sign to show the world just how frustrated you are... It was hard to choose which to use, until my rant needed to be released and then picking one happened easily LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Jacica (Current Group Gift) 
Glasses: Remarkable Oblivion - Talamasca Frames 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Jacket: Valentina E. - Bridget Dress in Evergreen 
Pose: NANTRA - I Protest, Pose 7 RARE (Available until May 31st at The Gacha Garden
Backdrop: AMITOMO - Midsummer Memories GACHA in Ultra Rare1 (Available for use at Backdrop City)

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