Saturday, May 19, 2018

Angel Oaks

Today is a good day to be a Brit. I'm not usually patriotic but the Royal Wedding was pretty and I'm proud of the fact that Britain can put on a good show for the world with something as awesome as a wedding... 
Yet I'm not going to dwell on the Royals, it's not my thing lol... Instead I decided to try my hand at a little more furniture photography... It's not something I'm good at and I'm working on it. I wish I could use shadows, but I'm working on saving up to be able to do that too LOL... Still if I don't try I won't know right?! Have to try to get better, right?!
Today I decided to play around with a set that has been released for the soon to close 6 Republic Event. I'm a little slow in posting it because it's been hard for me to get the right shot that I was happy with but I think I'm good now and even though the event closes on the 20th - that's tomorrow people - I'm hoping it will be moved to the mainstore very soon! 
Now the set I'm talking about is from the awesome store that is Fapple! It's a simply gorgeous collection called the Angel Oak and as usual with Fapple creations it comes in both Maledom and Femdom versions... I think it's great since so many places cater to the former and not the latter! 
Now for the important stuff... The Angel Oak collection can be purchased in two ways... 
The ALL IN collection is listed as the Angel Oak BDSM Skybox ALL IN PACK, and this includes ALL of the furniture PLUS a gorgeous skybox with it's own Oak Tree. The Skybox - for those of you that want to know the specifics - is 299LI and 64x64. The decor is also available to purchase separately, with certain parts - like the BDSM Throne and the BDSM Chair are colour change too... 
It's such a gorgeous set, you won't want to miss it... 

What is in the picture;
SkyBox: Fapple - Angel Oak BDSM SkyBox ALL IN PACK (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic)
Left Chair: Fapple - Angel Oak BDSM Throne (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic
Right Chair: Fapple - Angel Oak BDSM Chair (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic
Artwork: Fapple - Angel Oak Portraits (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic)
Table: Fapple - Angel Oak Side Table (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic)
Chandelier: Fapple - Angel Oak Chandelier (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic
Cage: Fapple - Angel Oak Cage (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic
Rugs: Fapple - Angel Oak Rugs (Available until May 20 at 6 Republic

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