Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Coming Home to a New House

I'm so glad to be home from work today, I feel pretty icky and tired and sore... But it's always nice to come back home. 
Rudh has an a new home! I should say ANOTHER new home... This one makes me happy... I've had a love of  the Hobbit since I read it, and for a while I was super excited to have my own Hobbit home. Yet it was just too big, so I took it down, BUT now there has been a new release that's just freaking awesome... A Hobbit style home for a modern little Rudhie! 
Candle and Cauldron made this amazing little "Burrow Den" a while ago and I've been so bad and slow about getting it set up and taking pictures. I'm slowly beginning to decorate so a picture about moving in seemed the most apt! 

What is in the Picture;
House: Candle & Cauldron - Burrow Den 
Boxes & Sign: RC Cluster - New Home Moving Boxes 

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