Friday, June 24, 2016

Screw the Respected Institution!

Today is yet another day of shock for me.
I know that I've always felt foreign whilst living in Holland as a British person, but this morning at the announcement of the Brexit Results I will admit I shed a tear and found myself feeling even more like an outsider than usual. For those of you that don't know Britain has decided to leave the European Union, after such a close referendum vote was held that it could have ended with either outcome...
I never normally talk about Politics in public - it's one of those subjects that I feel it's always better to avoid, but this time I cannot hold it in, and I would love to know your views so please feel free to comment!
I will admit that I watched all of the debates with a balanced view, both sides made some fair points but in the end I wanted to stay. Britain was stronger as part of the EU, we were a powerful nation because of our position in the EU, yet without that who are we really? A small island nation that was once great... Look back 70 - 100 years and yes OK we were a great and powerful nation, but the world has changed so much I just hope we don't end up becoming the laughing stock of the world!
It feels like my home nation is either about to get fucked, or fuck itself!!
Sorry about my language, but I feel so crappy and needed to let out a bad word or two... You should hear the stream of cussing I'm doing in RL at the moment...
I'm trying not to think about it too much, but it honestly feels like the UK is about to be screwed like a prison bitch, which leads me to the reason I decided to use this photo of Mongo and I!
The UK always felt so big and strong, a great nation as represented by me in my police officer uniform... A voice of authority and a well respected insitution - the police uniform is a B.C.C Jenny&Megan Police Outfit from the current round of The Arcade by the way - although just for the record, I am in no means saying that other countries in Europe or outside of it are criminals LOL, I just realised how bad that looked... It's more to go with that feeling of authority that Britain feels it has, that and the fact that I wanted to use this awesome Exposeur "Prison Sex" pose prop...
On a side note, I'm also sorry to report that Exposeur is closing... Everything in store is marked down by 80% until June 30th - so I guess I will have to do a little shopping to put my mind at ease over the Brexit stuff...
I'm sorry for my rambling being a bit dramatic today... I just needed to get some thoughts off my chest... While I was writing this the UK's Prime Minister - David Cameron - has also resigned over the outcome of the vote and I am left feeling like a bit of an outsider in Holland - today's joke in my RL office has been "Passport please?!" to anyone that is British.
That's my views... I think we should have stayed... Without causing a fight though I'd like to ask you if you have any opinions and please feel free to share them with me as a comment... I'd love to know your views and reasons!

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