Friday, June 3, 2016

Getting Fit

I am by my own admission a RL larger lady - I joke about myself, telling people that I have more rolls than the local supermarket - and I am not afraid to admit that. I know that I will never be super skinny, and I count myself as lucky that I can just laugh at it, feeling comfortable in my own skin. 
Yet recently I've decided that I want to start doing more to help myself... I'm definitely not going to diet but I am going to make some lifestyle changes. Exercise being one of those things! 
I don't know about you but I find myself sitting behind a PC a lot... I work on a PC, and then in the evenings I sit behind a PC logged in to SL. I bought a genius piece of exercise equipment the other day in RL, it's an under the desk bicycle... I can sit on the PC for hours and just peddle, so far it's GREAT!
So Rudh has decided it's time to get less weedy and beef up a little too... She needs to be able to fight her own battles, not hide behind her boys LOL... Inspired by a photo she took of herself and Mongo, when left alone Rudh decided to give the weight bench a shot... 
The weight bench is part of a posing prop from the awesome Come Soon Poses. I've said it before and I will say it again, I have a few pose designers that I LOVE and these guys are on that list. Unlike other pose stores, Come Soon created their poses complete with scenes, which makes them SO EASY to use... You never need to find a set, there is always a set RIGHT THERE!! This one is the Sexy Fitness 02 Pose - available at the main store - and OK admission time, it's a couple pose, but I thought it would be funnier to watch Rudh struggle than to ask someone for help... Am I cruel?? LOL... 
The Hula Hoop - made by yours truly - the Skipping Rope - made by Lar's Workshop - and the Ball - made by Lewd - do not come with the prop, just in case you're wondering, but are some of Rudh's additions for working out with, and even though she's working out, she's dressed all cute in her Gothic Sports dress from adoness... Having to look good at all times must be hard work LOL... 
As a side note, and just to finish up here, I have decided to add the Ad Poster for the pose from Come Soon, so you can see how it would look with the couple pose as it should be... Hope I don't get into any trouble for deciding to work out alone - maybe next time the store's big buff creator could come and spot me LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Elira in Reds (Available until June 23rd at UBER
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Dress: adoness - Gothic Sports in Gothlings (Available until June 12th at GENRE
Pose: Come Soon - Sexy Fitness 02 
Hoop: Made by Me (Yes I know it's not very good LOL)
Ball: Lewd -  GoGo Ball 
Rope: Lar's Workshop - Kid Collection in Skipping Rope 

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