Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bad Wolf

I'm at the end of my fuse with someone in RL and so I am trying to remain calm and keep my cool. This person is my boss. If I lose my head and tell him how I really feel then I will lose my job... I need to funnel my frustrations into something productive, so if you see me looking more dead than I have for a while you can understand why... Starting from today, the dead girl in me may be more predominant than she has been of late! 
I put on a random collection of things and loved how they looked... Perhaps it will be a new profile picture, I'm not sure... But I loved it and had to share, just to vent some of my frustrated energy... 
What started out as me playing with the amazing "Curse of Cain" wound from CURELESS - available until June 18th at SaNaRae by the way - somehow saw me thinking that a hood with Kitten ears was a good idea to go along with it?! 
Then while on the subject of CURELESS, I wrapped some of their Barbed Wire around my head, and held it down with my Creepy Ghoul Teeth - from Axix. Never fear though I didn't through away my straight pretty teeth, I'm wearing those around my neck thanks to the Baroness Necklaces from random.Matter
I guess when I step back and look at it, I may have been channelling some kind of bad wolf?! A pissed off demonic wolf that got caught in barbed wire in the woods maybe? 
It feels a little better now that I've been creative, but dammit I have more to come lol... 

What is she wearing;
Hood & Hair: BESOM - Kittenish in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Wire Mask: CURELESS [+] - Barbedwire Kiss Set in Silver 
Eyes: [theSkinnery] - Demon Eye Set in 3 
Wound: CURELESS [+] - Curse of Cain (Available until June 18th at SaNaRae
Nose Piercing: (Yummy) - Skull Collection Septum in Silver 
Teeth: Axix - Creepy Teeth in Ghoul 
Necklaces: random.Matter - Baroness Necklaces in Silver 
Tattoo: [White Widow] - Gravity in Black 
Pose: Image Essentials - Fresh 4 

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