Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Relaxing at a Hidden Oasis

I am so tired... Everyday I seem to be saying something like this recently but right now I'm so tired that my tired is tired, and I'm sure that I've said that before too... Last time I was this tired I started doing stupid things, like getting on the wrong bus to go home, but I only need to get through today and then tomorrow I will be able to sleep a little more as I work at home!
Right now though I feel like I am in need of a holiday - my last trip to the UK was so busy that I didn't really get time to relax! Somewhere exotic perhaps? Somewhere relaxing and peaceful definitely! Maybe a hidden oasis?!?!
Sounds gorgeous doesn't it?! Somewhere just like the one that Rudh spent time at recently would be PERFECT!
Although as much as it pains me to admit it, I have to be honest here and say Rudh would make it look better... Putting the RL me in a photo like this wouldn't look nearly so glamourous, in fact there wouldn't be any chance you'd see me in a bikini... Not even one as gorgeous as the Birdy Boho Bikini, in a pretty Aqua colour that Rudh has on. While on the subject of Birdy, I should perhaps make a mention here that the cute Elephant and Tiger Pets with Rudh are in fact Birdy Boho Gacha releases too, which you can still get your hands on until June 30th at the current round of The Arcade...
There is just one little piece of Rudh's heaven missing and that would be some viking-esque looking guy appearing to bring her drinks and apply sun screen!! Let's make this perfect... Any viking-esque men around?

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Kora in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Tattoos: *PerveTTe* - Little Things for You (Available until June 22nd at Kinky Monthly)
Bikini: Birdy - Boho Bikini in Aqua (Available until June 30th at The Arcade)
Pets: Birdy - Boho Gacha Items (Available until June 30th at The Arcade)

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